EPC can assist you with any sort of pest infestation. Our professionals at Empire Pest Control are carefully trained. They have had many years doing pest control and are able to fix pest control concerns with the maximum effectiveness and with no hassle to you. This is true regardless of if it is bedsits, luxury apartments, bungalows or detached homes.

Insect or rodent control could become a significant concern and emergencies can occur anytime. That is why we offer 24/7 pest control in Wanstead. This could occur in both your house as well as businesses. For various reasons, you might be trying to manage a sudden pest infestation. Our operatives have the ability to fix any type of pest variety, whether that is rats, mice or wasps. Empire have got the expertise to deal with your issue, no matter the size.

Empire is in addition an industrial and commercial Wanstead pest control provider. We recognise that having vermin or insects might sadly prevent your business from having the ability to stay open. We offer a wide variety of remedies and also pest control agreements for services who need regular pest procedures. Our knowledgeable professionals are licensed and fully qualified to eradicate all Wanstead industrial pests. We are able to cater to your retail building. This covers small and huge businesses and community service properties things, for instance hospitals, universities or car parks.

Business pest control is likely to be essential regardless of whether your Wanstead work space is an office complex or a warehouse. Owners should guarantee they factor in ongoing pest management solutions. So as to get the very best out of your workers, they need to operate in a hygienic and pleasant space. Pest control is also vital for storage units and if you run café or restaurant or takeaway service. Stored goods can commonly become contaminated by pests such as rats and mice. EPC’s professionals will perform our pest control regimes in such a way that causes hardly any interference to your work routine. We will additionally do that without initiating undue harm to your building or products. Contact us immediately and commission Empire Pest Control to deal with the issue.

Empire Pest Control Ltd are completely aware of the upset you may be facing if you’re coping with a pest management issue in your Wanstead home. It does not only cause pressure and, sometimes, ailments. It may also substantially affect your lifestyle. Hiring an expert to manage a pest issue is very important, specifically if you have found the signs early on, in order to avoid the inevitable impact of an infestation. Our pest control services can be of assistance.


Our friendly team of professionals are aware that each distinct pest issue needs its own certain programme for treatment. Our experts can ensure that they can provide the quality service you want to satisfy your unique requirements.

Empire offer an extensive 24 hour pest control service in wanstead that handles all our customers’ requirements. We do not solely furnish you with elimination services, but additionally carry out pest proofing. This is to make sure that the insect or rodent elimination plan we have implemented works long term. Moths and flies, rodents, birds and foxes just a few of the nuisance pests we eliminate.

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British pest control certificate

  • Free of charge building survey
  • Full liability insurance
  • Comply with COSHH
  • Fast response
  • Hourly reservation slots
  • Round-the-clock call out


Our technicians in Wanstead are acquainted with the local community. And this is why driving to you as fast as we able is straightforward. The strategic position of our professionals means we can provide our customers an effective response particularly for urgent cases. We can also take advance reservations and cooperate with you to best solve your problem.

We also offer the advantages of a useful site survey, which is free of charge. This signifies that we are able to come up with the best treatment options for your unique problem. Regardless of what kind of property you have, whether it‘s commercial or domestic, we are always on standby to take your enquiry, and help you to eliminate the infiltration of your property.

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Wherever possible, Empire always strive to use the most safe products available for all our pest control treatments in Wanstead. We always guarantee that all efforts are made to help both businesses and householders with responsible and professional advice on how you can keep your family, cats and dogs or employees safe from any hazardous effects of treatment during the whole process.

All work we perform will be in line with the Health and Safety Act 1974, the COSHH Regulations 1988, the Food & Environmental Act 1985 and Control of Pesticides 1986.

Empire Pest Control Ltd carry complete liability insurance ranging up to £10 million, providing not only our staff members, but also our clients and the public, reassurance.

So, if you have a pest infestation and you’re located in or around Wanstead, feel free to get in contact with for assistance and support from our amiable client service staff. To contact us, our information are accessible on our contact page, or phone us on 0203 633 2143. After scheduling call out with us, we’ll have our technicians get to work on your residence or business premises the soonest we can.