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Fly Control Products.

The actvity of flies is a serious issue especially in and around food manufacturing premises. The need to exclude and control is evermore important due to the spread of bacteria on and around food products and preparation surfaces, which has a knock on effect to humans consuming contaminated food.
Here are a number fly prevention and control products which Empire Pest Control can supply, install and service.

Fly Screen Doors


Fly Screen Windows


Chain Link Curtains


Strip Curtains


Electric Fly Control


Glueboard Fly Control


Discreet Fly Control


Empire Pest Control can supply and install a comprehensive range of the products shown above along with replacement bulbs and a regular service plan to ensure your fly control units are performing to its maximum potential. We will be happy to advise you and discuss which fly control product would be best suited to your needs by simply using our contact page or for more information about any of the above products just click on image.

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