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With the warmer weather comes lovely long sunny days, warm summer evenings…and stinging insects to ruin all the fun! There is one stinging insect in particular that loves to crash the party. Wasps! And unfortunately, wasp nest removal can become a serious issue for many homeowners across London and the UK.

That’s where Empire Pest Control step in. We are expert wasp removal specialists, with many years of experience in pest control for wasps nests. Do not fear. We are here to help, locally, safely and professionally.
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Wasp Nest Removal First Defence Guidelines

Having a wasp nest on your property may lead you to take matters into your own hands, and try to remove the nest yourself. This is definitely not the right path to take. You should never attempt to remove a wasp nest yourself without the help of a professional pest controller who is fully trainer in wasp nest removals. They must be handled correctly. The following guidelines should always be followed when it comes to getting rid of a wasp nest.

  • Never Attempt DIY Wasp Nest Removal

You should never tackle wasp nests without the help of a qualified pest exterminator. This is true whether you have wasps in your London garden or have found a wasps nest or even multiple wasp nests in the loft. Wasp control is a delicate business, and wasps are incredibly aggressive insects, who will attack you if you try to remove a nest yourself.

  • Unsafe Panic Induced Methods

Using water, fire or simply hitting a wasp nest will not get rid of it. In fact, it will spur the wasps on more to attack you and sting you. You should not attempt any impromptu fear induced panic methods to try and get rid of wasp nests.

  • Keep Everyone Safe

You must be sure to always keep your children away from any wasp nests on your property and remove pets from the wasp infested area. If there is a wasp nest in your garden, keep all animals and children indoors until the wasp nest removal has been completed.

  • Wasp Prevention

To prevent wasps from nesting on your property, carry out regular maintenance to seal any cracks or holes around your property that a wasp could enter through. Pay attention especially to any entry points to a wasp’s favourite spot, the loft. You can also make or buy wasp traps to deter them from thriving.

  • Call For Immediate Help

A professional pest controller will be properly equipped with all the appropriate tools to handle and remove wasp nests safely. Empire does this efficiently, causing no harm to you or your family in the process. They have the right kind of protective clothing and insecticides to do the job properly. Here at Empire Ltd, we understand the habits and behaviours of wasps, and know how to deal with them.

Wasps are incredibly volatile insects, and once you disturb the nest they will attack. This can cause you a lot of physical harm, and will end up being more pricey in the long run.
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How Not To Get Rid Of A Wasps Nest

So let’s look a bit more closely at some of the ways we have mentioned you should NOT to remove a wasp nest from your property, and why.

  1. Using fire – This is very dangerous, and not a successful way to get rid of a wasp nest. The nests themselves are incredibly flammable because they’re made from a papery material. If you set fire to a wasp nest on your property, there is a high risk that you could get burnt in the process. And in any case, it doesn’t take long for flames to spread toward trees, dry vegetation or timber. And possibly eventually even to the rest of your home. Burning a wasp nest will not kill all the wasps. Any remaining wasps will become violent and start attacking anyone nearby.
  2. Using water – Flooding a wasp nest also isn’t going to work. Using water (for example if you have a waps nest in your attic), can result in further damage to your home. It won’t kill many of the wasps, just the same as using fire won’t, and any remaining wasps will want to attack the nearest person to them – you.
  3. Hitting it – That cricket bat sitting in the shed seems like a good tool to grab to get rid of wasp nests right? Wrong! A wasp nest is not a piñata! Hitting a wasp nest with anything puts you in the direct line of being stung multiple times and even swarmed. This is incredibly dangerous, especially if anyone suffers from allergies to wasp stings. And even if they do not, multiple wasp stings can cause a lot of problems.

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The Best Tools For Effective Wasp Removal

The only way you should ever have a wasp nest removed from your property is to call in a professional pest company. Pest control technicians are trained with the right skills to handle and remove wasp nests safely, without causing harm to your or your family. Here’s a breakdown of the reasons you need to opt for a pest controller to come and carry out appropriate wasp nest removal for you.

  • The right equipment – A professional pest technician has the right protective equipment to keep them safe when removing a wasp nest. They can take the risk of eliminating a wasp nest because they are properly protected.
  • The right experience Pest controllers are trained and qualified to work in small spaces like attics or sheds. This means they can remove a wasp nest from pretty much anywhere on your property without causing themselves or you any harm. They know how to keep the nest properly contained too.
  • The right knowledge – A wasp control expert has all the right information on wasps. They know exactly how the insects will behave when disturbed and will be able to protect themselves and your home from any further damage.
  • The right products – Pest exterminators have access to insecticides that the general public can’t buy. They are professionally qualified to use these chemicals in the right way to exterminate a wasp problem. These products are also a lot stronger than any DIY products you could buy. This means they will be successful at dealing with the situation and ultimately removing the wasp nest.

In summary, wasps nest removal should never be done by yourself or any other member of your family.  You or a member of your family may be allergic to wasp stings without your knowledge. So, removing a nest by yourself without professional help can be incredibly dangerous. Empire Pest Control offers local wasp nest removals anywhere across London and the home counties. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call us today if you are having a summer wasps nest problem, or a problem at any time of year. Our pest controllers are trained and experienced in handling London wasps, and can take care of the problem of wasp nest removal in one treatment.