We deal with most common pest infestations including mice, bed bugs, rats, fleas and wasps. We handle most creatures requiring pest control in London.

Pest Control London – From Empire

Empire, based in London provide a professional range of pest control services for any home or business throughout London.

Empire provide trusted, industry approved, fast, effective and reliable pest related solutions for domestic and business customers including our 24 hour pest control service, irrespective of the size or type of problem you may have. Our service is rapid and will fully meet your expectations. And, as experts in our field we deliver effective results at low, affordable prices by getting straight to the heart of any issue. Simply put, we offer the most effective service throughout all of London’s 32 boroughs.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control

In addition to helping home owners in residential settings, Empire are well known for supporting local London businesses with commercial solutions. Whether a home or place of work, we are experts at preventing insect and rodent infestations as much as removing them. Find out more about our residential and commercial services at the relevant page listed below, or get in touch with our London team.

residential pest control

Residential Pest Control

Qualified, experienced residential control for your home and gardens.  Our expert pest technicians are only a phone call away.

commercial pest control

Commercial Pest Control

Effective control for commercial, business, and lettings.  We clear any infestation quickly, effectively and at an affordable price.

industrial pest control

Industrial Solutions

Bespoke control for big industry, warehouses, and factories.  We respond fast and use only the latest and safety tested methods.

Professional Control of All Pests

Empire, based in London prides itself in providing a professional, courteous and efficient service at all times, with a dedicated team that are here to offer advice on prevention and control of pests in every scenario. Having technicians and surveyors located in all parts of London and the Home Counties allows us to offer you a fast, local response – wherever you are. We also offer emergency 24 hour pest removal services if the need arises.

More on Our 24 Hour Pest Control Service

There are many common pests that can make themselves comfortable in your business or home, which can be upsetting for all concerned. However it is reassuring to know that should some pesky rodent bother you late at night and out of normal hours, our 24 hour pest control service covers all London areas. As well as the obvious issue of pest removal, having a 24 hour emergency call-out availability is a great comfort to be gained from hiring Empire pest experts to deal with your problem.

The team at Empire take our job very seriously and fully understand the impact that pests can have on the daily lives of our customers. Our expert team are on hand 24 hours a day in London to bring you the very best pest control services you could wish for.  We recognise that both residential and commercial problems need professional intervention, and through expert training and knowledge ensure effective results that can only come from proper training to understand the science required in any given case.

For more information about our 24 hour pest removal services in London call 0800 633 5220 Today!

Common Known Pests

Some of the most common pest infestations we have to deal with in this industry include bed bugs, mice and  rats. We handle most creatures requiring control that can, unfortunately, invade your home if they have the opportunity – regardless of where you live.

The Ant
The Flea
The Mouse
The Fly
The Wasp
The Rat
The Moth
The Fox

London's Pest Experts

Empire, London’s pest control experts are safe and reliable industry specialists, we are fully qualified to deploy the latest insecticides, rodenticides and other treatments. We make it a priority to ensure we eliminate problem pests and rodents whilst complying with safety regulations. We can also give advice on how to prevent re-infestation.

Safe pest control London experts

Empire come out to help with jobs of any size in any and all kinds of residential home. We also serve all types of business, from small independent shops to large corporations with branches nationwide. No matter what the scale or kind of pest situation, our expert London team will be delighted to talk through your requirements. This applies whether you want an intensive treatment or a full pest prevention plan. We always try to find a solution that you are happy with at affordable prices for the best value. We are on call 24 hours a day to attend to all manner of situations that need an emergency pest control response in the London area.

Empire endeavour to use the safest products available. We also make a point of advising you about keeping children, pets and staff safe. All our work is carried out in accordance with the Health & Safety Act 1974, the Food & Environmental Act 1985 and Control of Pesticides 1986.

As London’s popular pest control company we strive to provide the most effective service for London and its boroughs in the North, South, East and West in order to ensure that your life is disrupted as little as possible during any treatment procedure.

Bespoke Pest Control Solutions

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Here at Empire Ltd, we choose to adopt a consultative approach to meeting our customers’ needs. Therefore we only propose pest related solutions based on the situation at hand, taking into account all relevant factors at the local level. Rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the work we carry out.

We can provide bespoke solutions across a diverse range of sectors including, but not limited to, residential property, food production, food retail, logistics and transportation services, commercial and industrial premises, the leisure industry and High Street retail. Empire cover all areas in London, the North, South, West and East London including the Home Counties, 24 hours a day, every day. Our teams identify relevant and appropriate treatments based on our vast knowledge of insect and animal species. We also consider their habitats and behaviours, rates of infestation and the likelihood of a recurrence.

Contact us for bespoke solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Pest Proofing & Pest Prevention

Whether you’ve had existing problems with pests, or want to make sure that you are protected from them, offer advice and equipment to help pest proof your property. This includes bird proofing buildings and removing pigeon droppings in a controlled way. We also specialise in controlling bed bugs, mice, moths, flies, rats, wasps, fleas, ants, squirrels & foxes. If you are looking for a 24 hour London pest control company who can get rid of everything – you are in the right place. We deal with rats and mice, offer bird control, wasp nest and bees nest removal. And, of course, eradicate all kinds of insect infestations

We are leading the field of London’s pest control experts, a company who provide a bespoke emergency 24 hour pest control service to over 10,000 businesses and residential premises. We deploy a large team of expert local technicians who know your area well and who will give you the very best service available within London.

Areas Covered by Our East London Team

Empire staff cover all areas of East London from Whitechapel E1 through to West Ham E15. Our team of pest control experts in London are all industry trained including our East London pest team who can quickly and easily respond to pest related problems via our 24 hour emergency service. Our location and everyday knowledge of London’s East End ensures that we can get to you in the shortest time possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to evacuate during pest treatments?

No.  While there are some extreme situations, such as full fumigation for pests such as woodworm, in most cases we won’t require you to leave the property, secure pets, cover plants or other inconvenient steps.

We will inform you well in advance as to exactly what steps we will undertake so that you know the visit duration, administration techniques, any chemicals being used and how many staff members will be on site, and when.

We go to great lengths to keep our customers fully informed so that there are no surprises.

How long does a typical pest treatment take?

The size of the property, type of pest and extent of infestation all go a long way to determine exactly how many staff members will attend site, and how long they will be present.  That said, commercial visits are often completed within 2-4 hours, and residential visits are done within 2-3 hours.

If you have certain time constraints or commitments, be sure to let us know so that we can schedule around your situation.  We are able to arrange visits before business day start times, after businesses finish for the day, or other special needs – just ask!

Do you offer expert pest control services outside London?

While we are primarily dedicated in dealing with pest related issues in London and areas within a commute, we’ve been asked to provide services from Scotland to the Isle of Man.  If we can’t directly service your area, we often know of a trusted trader in your region who can conduct similarly effective services at competitive prices.

Can you completely get rid of all the fleas?

Fleas are a notorious pest that are known to be quite difficult to be rid of completely.  Often, re-infestations of fleas occur when pet owners haven’t fully sorted the actual pet infestation itself.

In other words, we can get rid of the fleas in your property, but we don’t actually treat pets directly.  That’s a completely different matter that we can’t sort using our chemical treatments.

Although you’re London based, why use you instead of big pest companies like Rentokil?

Empire have some of the most experienced pest control experts in London and each with extensive experience, having completed countless training courses and certifications, all so that we can be sure that our service is the most effective in the market.

We are guaranteed to be competitively priced.  If Rentokil offer you a great quote for the work – give us a chance to beat it!  In general, our London pest removal services are incredible value, priced lower than the big-name companies who have massive overheads and corporate executives whose overheads do nothing to serve customers like you.  Everyone in our organisation works for a living and is fully trained in pest removal solutions.

Can’t I do the same thing with a DIY kit?

You can save a ton of money doing the work yourself with DIY kits obtained from sites like eBay.  They won’t be as effective as the chemicals we use – this is a highly regulated industry with potent chemicals that aren’t sold to the public, in order to keep the communities safe from untrained, ill equipped practitioners and their low quality applications.

While the chemicals are a big concern, so is the delivery equipment.  While an eBay special may mean you light a fogger and throw it in an enclosed space (sometimes with sparks included), we rely on fogging equipment that presents a chemical mist – not smoke.  We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of £’s in purchasing specialised equipment that delivers the right volume and strength of chemical into the appropriate spaces within any London home, office, restaurant or commercial premises. We always adopt best practice methods and use the most effective treatments, allowing us to roll-out the right result for your needs.

Do you treat any pest problem not listed on your site?

There are hundreds of other pests that we handle – they’re not mentioned on the site due to space limitations only.

Whether you’ve got bedbugs or woodworm, giant African Land Snails or Norwegian Wharf Rats, we have a treatment regime, chemical solution, application equipment and trained staff that have seen it all before.

We can’t begin to tell you all the unusual pests we’ve treated at some familiar commercial premises, restaurants, retail and accommodation providers.  Discretion is a big part of our business – it’s your business and no one else’s!

Our restaurant needs regular treatments – are there discounts?

Of course.  The vast majority of food service industry locations require regular termite control for one or more reasons.  Recurring work is easier for us – we understand the particulars of the premises, we know the schedule, hot spots, areas needing special handling, hours of operation (peak times to avoid).

Because we get to know you – it costs us less to provide a quality recurring service, so we pass the savings along to you.  The best situation is where you’re happy to have us back and tell others about the great experience.  We’ve found that rewarding regular customers, rather than charging them extra, is a great way to keep customers for as long as they need us.

I know we have a pest problem but can we wait until after XYZ?

Most pests are of the type – See One, Have Many.

Some slow breeding pests, like mice, can give birth to 6-10 young almost every month of the year, with those young quickly maturing and doing the same.  Fast breeding pests can infest an area rapidly, causing damage and health issues along the way.

We recommend immediately calling us, have us out to inspect your premises, remember that we do also offer a 24 hour emergency pest service in London and we’ll let you know the severity and time-sensitive nature of the situation.  If it’s inconvenient to have us out ASAP, then book the earliest available time and we’ll do a great job when it suits you.

Please keep in mind that destructive pests, like woodworm, are able to cause great financial pain for the property where they reside.  By the nature of the pest, they find cavities, damage areas not easily accessible and can mean not just replacing flooring, subflooring, but also joists, studs, rafters too.  The cost of their damage escalates rapidly after they gain a foothold in a property.  Pest treatment is extremely cost effective – because it saves you a bundle of money in repairs.

Are there pests you don’t treat or control?

Yes!  We’re sorry if your neighbour has a dog that’s a massive nuisance, barking at all hours and digging up your roses.  Unfortunately, we’re not in a position to handle that type of pest.  The same is true of most pests owned by those outside your property.

We can however, deal very proficiently with guaranteed expertise on any pest related issue you may have.

London pest control experts Empire, offers an effective 24 hour pest service to households and businesses within all London boroughs!