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Pest Control Contracts London and the home counties

Here at Empire Pest Control, we offer our customers the upmost service and support in providing pest eradication contracts throughout London. This section of the site has been dedicated to outlining our main pest control contract services however, if you require more information on any of our control services, please get in touch through our contact page.

Empire is able to provide fully effective solutions for both commercial and residential pest contracts. Our pest prevention and control services range from one-off treatments to the implementation of a pest control maintenance contract.

Pest Control Contracts Covering London Businesses

Our pest control contracts come fully equipped with a flexible arrangement which can be set up for any type of business, covers every type of pest infestations, for any period of time and with any frequency of service. If you operate a restaurant or take-away, run a hotel, a business, school or nursery in London, then opting for pest control on a contractual basis can be far cheaper for you in the long term, than repetitive call-outs

Our contract services include the following:

  • Exclusion – how to keep pests out of your premises
  • Restriction – how to prevent infestations through sound housekeeping practices
  • Elimination – Eradicating pests whenever a problem arises
  • Regularly service contract visits/inspections to all specified areas of the premises
  • Installation of monitors/detectors in accordance with the pest specification
  • A reporting system to record each service visit, complete with details of pest infestation findings, advice or recommendations, type of treatment carried out and pesticides used
  • Emergency call-outs or follow-up visits to deal with infestations

We also offer comprehensive solutions for:

  • Protection of computers
  • Safe and pleasant working and living conditions
  • Saving on costly repairs
  • Damage prevention to site, facilities and stock
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Food safety
  • Building protection
  • Fire safety
  • Peace of mind

With Empire you can rely on:

  • A fast response from a local team who will work with competitive rates for your pest control contract in London.
  • An environmentally aware use of approved products
  • Technical expertise that ensures pesticides are used correctly and efficiently
  • A complete understanding of the relevant health and safety regulations for pest control contracts in London.
  • Pest control contracts London

Initial surveys can be carried out with no cost or ties and the pest control contract agreement is based solely on the needs of the customer. Quotations are also based upon these details and all agreements and pest control contracts for London can be renewed annually, if required.

Our staff are fully trained specialists and will be able to effectively manage access problems in locations that don’t offer easy access. We pride our reputation within the London commercial contract sector which includes youth clubs, sports facilities, schools and the health service, manufacturing, warehouses, offices, farms, restaurants, hotels and caravan parks. We also deal with pest problems in private homes throughout London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey.

We have a 24hr emergency call-out service for our pest control contract London holders and also offer one-off treatments.

Pest Control Contract – FAQ

I’m a home owner with a pest problem, do I need to take out a pest control contract?

No, you do not necessarily need a contract in place. Depending on the infestation whether it is an ongoing problem or just a one off occurrence you may just need a short term programme to eradicate the problem on your premises.

What benefits does a contract give me?

When a contract is in place it gives you the security that you your infestation will be kept under control with ongoing treatments. We are aware of the damage an infestation can do to both domestic and commercial properties and the stress this may cause.

Is a service contract a fixed price?

Yes, once a property has been assessed a contract will be agreed to suit your premises needs which will continue at that fixed price with quarterly payment whilst you stay loyal to our business. The only time a price may vary is if you wish to upgrade or downgrade the contract.

Does a contract cover multiple pests in the same premises?

Yes, we have many different types of contracts whether it covers 1 pest or multiple. Once a survey has been carried out a tailor made contract will be agreed to suit your premises and its needs. Treatments for multiple pests can always be carried out at the same time.

Can I cancel the contract at any time?

A standard contract is for 1 year, after this you can cancel at any point or downgrade the contract. If you wish to cancel we require an email to say you are cancelling with a 3 month cancellation notice and a brief reason for cancellation.

Do you offer any discounts with a contract?

Yes, with any contract that you take on board you are discounted per visit, the more visits you have in your contract the cheaper per visit you will pay making the larger contracts much more cost effective.