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Fumigation service London

There are many methods of ensuring that insects are eradicated but when other treatments fail, Empire pest control can carry out a full fumigation to your property which will eradicate any type of flying or crawling insects with maximum effect. We have covered London and the Home Counties for many years and understand the importance of delivering a first class service. The London fumigation service we provide is suitable if your property is severely infested by bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, carpet beetles, flies, fleas, silverfish and moths, Since a fumigation service in London involves using toxic gases it is important to have professionals carry out the treatment Empire pest controls technicians are fully trained to carry out these treatments safely and will always observe the relevant health and safety standards and regulations.

End of tenancy fumigation Service

In some cases it is a requirement within your tenancy agreement to have a fumigation carried out before you can recover your deposit, Empire pest control can offer a one off fumigation to flats and houses with a full report to cover this requirement, we also supply a fumigation service for when people move into new properties and are concerned about what insects could already be in the property

Steps before fumigating buildings

'Fumigation service London'
Fumigation Machine

Here are some essential things to keep in mind prior to fumigating buildings:
No one should be inside the building during the process.
All plants should be removed.
All pets and animals should be kept out the area.
Food, medications and other essentials must be sealed in plastic.
Medicines not sealed in metal or glass containers should be removed.
All air conditioning systems must be turned off.
Closet doors, cupboards, and drawers must be opened before fumigation.
Cabinets, lockers and safes should be unlocked and remain open.

Insect Fumigation service London

Empire Pest Control can offer various treatments in control and eradication of insect activity, however the success of the treatment much depends on the correct preparation and method being applied. We advise that you leave these decisions to someone qualified, failure to do so could make treatments ineffective and in some cases a whole lot worse.

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