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Empire Pest Control Ltd are definitely aware of the upset you will be experiencing if you are dealing with a pest invasion problem in your Blackwall house. It does not simply cause strain and, in some cases, illness. It may also drastically impact your everyday life. This is to name a couple of the reasons why it’s critical to contact a specialist right away if you discover you have a pest invasion or any type of problem with pests. Empire’s pest control Blackwall solutions can help a lot.


Our helpful Blackwall team of specialists are mindful that every unique pest infestation needs a certain process for treatment. With this aim, our specialists are certified to work with each individual pest dilemma. And also give you a degree of service that is tailored to your individual situation.

Empire‘s Client requirements are handled by Empire’s 24 hour pest control Blackwall service, which is always available. Apart from our eradication services, we provide pest proofing as a preventative measure, to reassure you that your pest control dilemma doesn’t reoccur. Moths and fleas, rats, pigeons and foxes are just a handful of the unwanted pests we get rid of.

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  • 100% free site survey
  • Full liability insurance
  • Adhere to COSHH
  • Prompt response
  • Hourly scheduling slots
  • 24 hour call out


Our Blackwall team are experienced with the local community. And close proximity makes it easy for us to get out to you as fast as possible. The strategic placement of our team means we can give our hotline callers an effortless response especially for crisis situations. We can also organise advance reservations and coordinate with you to ideally meet your needs.

A further fantastic aspect of our firm, is that we carry out a site survey for free. This signifies that we’ll be able to assemble the most relevant treatment programme for your specific set of circumstances. Whichever sort of building you’ve got, whether it is commercial or domestic, we are always available to take your call. Because we want help you to resolve the invasion of your property, we are continuously on call.

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In every possible circumstance, Empire use the greenest treatments as our way of controlling rodents and insects in Blackwall. In addition, we make certain that every effort is made to provide both company owners and homeowners with reliable and informative tips on the best way to keep your family, cats and dogs or employees safe from any detrimental effects of treatment throughout the entire process.

All jobs of work we conduct will be in accordance the Health and Safety Act 1974, the COSHH Regulations 1988, the Food & Environmental Act 1985 and Control of Pesticides 1986.

Empire Pest Control Ltd  has up to £10 million of full liability insurance coverage. This provides our customers as well as the public with reassurance, and also gives assurance to our working employees.

So, if you have a pest issue and you’re in or around Blackwall, feel free to contact us for guidance and support from our friendly customer service team. For more details on how to email us please check our contact page, or phone us on 0203 633 2143. When you schedule a home inspection, our team will do everything possible rectify your situation at the earliest opportunity.