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Here at Empire Pest Control, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide effective pest control services that are fully health and safety compliant. The points below are the guidelines we use to protect our staff, our customers, and the general public, by ensuring safe working practices at all times.

Rodenticide Baits:

To ensure maximum safety, our bait boxes and stations are tamper-resistant. They can only be opened with a key, but under no circumstances should you try to move them from where our technicians have put them, and nor should you attempt to access the toxic bait inside.

WARNING! Do not tamper with rodenticides. They are a form of poison and can prove harmful to your health if not handled properly.

Insecticide Sprays:

Our technicians are specially trained in all spray treatment procedures, and as such, wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

You should never enter the area undergoing treatment without the technician having cleared it first. You must also adhere to any post-treatment instructions given with a view to health and safety.

WARNING! In some cases, insecticide sprays have a residual effect. As such, they can remain active for some time. This can make treated areas a risk.

Fogging and Smoke Generators:

These particular forms of treatment require very strict guidelines.

No one but the technician can enter the area being treated; nor must they enter rooms adjacent or in close proximity to the room being treated.

The technician will specify a period of time, during which no one may enter the rooms post-treatment. This can be anything up to 4 hours.

WARNING! Post-treatment, fog and smoke may be visible at first, but will disperse later. However, it will be airborne for some time, even if invisible. In such cases, it can be harmful to your health if you are exposed.

The Environment:

Empire Pest Control adhere to a strict Health, Safety and Environment Policy. We implement this policy to protect staff, customers and members of the public.

Every possible precaution is taken to minimise the risks and the adverse effect of pesticides, as well as any harm they may cause to the environment. We only use such chemicals when absolutely necessary.

As part of our support for minimising the use and effects of pesticides, where practical, we will always consider using non-pesticide treatments. This aligns with our commitment to reducing environmental impacts and the risk chemicals pose to wildlife.

Think Wildlife (CRRU)

Where rodenticides and insecticides have been used, we ensure we dispose of any excess chemicals in an appropriate manner that complies with pesticide regulations.