Fly Screen Doors & Windows

A method of proofing against fly entry into any premises is the use of screen doors and windows, which consist of a custom made frame with a mesh inner. The frame is generally made of aluminium, which will provide good durability against all weather and will not rust. These are a proved method of preventing fly entry into high risk areas such as kitchens, but this will only be effective if used correctly, for example – not propped open!, Empire Pest Control provide various approved fly screen doors and windows and will advice quote and discuss which option would be more suited to your individual needs by using our contact page or simply click on images below.

Below are a just few of the types of fly screen doors & window which we can supply on request.
Internal Screen Door
Screen Window
External Screen Door

Screen doors and windows have to be made to order. It is adviseable to acquire professional advice as any errors in measurements will make the screen door or window ineffective in the purpose of proofing against pest entry. If any further information or price guide is required please use the contact page or click on images above.