Chain Door Curtains

Deterring Flies from Premises

A method of proofing against fly entry into any premises is the use of chain screen or curtain doors, which consist of either a chain link or mesh strip curtain. The chain link curtain is often made out of aluminium to prevent rusting and the mesh curtain is made from strips of mesh with weights inserted in the base of each strip. These are proved methods for reducing the risk of pest and fly entry into kitchens and food preparation areas, but not as effective as a physical barrier, such as a screen door, as chain curtains tend to move with a mild breeze. If these curtains are tied back, as so many people tend to do, they will fail in the purpose they are designed for, so don’t tie them back.  Empire Pest Control can provide additional information, advice and recommendations about these products on request, simply use our contact page here.

Here are a some variations of chain link and strip curtain doors which Empire Pest Control can supply.
Mesh Curtain Door
Chain Curtain Door
PVC Curtain Door
The above images are for illustration purposes only. Actual designs may vary.

Chain doors and curtain screen doors generally come in a standard size, but we can cut these doors to any size to suit the exact height and width of the door. For any further information or price guide, please use our contact page.