Why Ants Are Such A Threat To Your Business

If you own a business, you are most probably aware of some of the problems pests can cause you. A pest many business owners don’t consider is ants. However, having an ant control problem in your business could have dire consequences.

The Damage Ants Can Cause

  • Damage to equipment and stock – If ants get into your food supplies it’s a serious problem. They will breed and multiply very quickly. They can also do damage to your property, equipment and appliances when they build their nests.
  • Risk of bites Ants can bite, and it’s seriously painful. In fact some people are allergic to ant bites, which can be very dangerous.
  • Spread of diseases – Ants carry bacteria like Salmonella. This is especially bad if you have a food business. They can spread a lot of diseases which can infect not only your staff but your customers too.
  • Increased Infestation – Once ants are in your property, they can become a very serious problem quite quickly. Ant extermination is problematic when the ants have adapted to their environment and are breeding at an alarming rate.

Preventing Ants

You can take some very simple steps to stop ants from infesting your business.

  • Reduce their chance of getting to a food source. By taking away their access, you reduce the risk of food becoming contaminated.
  • Clean up and clear away all discarded and unwanted food, including spillages.
  • Only store food in sealed containers.
  • Keep all of your utensils, appliances and work surfaces clean. Even the tiniest scrap of food is attractive to an ant.
  • Take out the rubbish every day. Don’t leave it out overnight to fester where ants can get to it. Leaving rubbish around can increase the risk of having an ant infestation.
  • Look at the outside of your business too. If any trees or bushes are touching the exterior, it’s an easy access route for many pests including ants.

Professional Help For Ants

  • There are experts out there who know how to prevent ant infestations and can get rid of an infestation once it’s already happened.
  • Pest control professionals know where ants like to hide, so can quickly get to the source of the problem.
  • A professional pest controller has the right equipment and training to get rid of the ant problem for you.