Prevent Ants From Ruining Your Summer BBQ

Summer is so great for getting the barbecue out and enjoying a burger. It’s what summer is all about! However pests like ants can quickly ruin the fun. Ant powder and sprays can help, but a more comprehensive approach may be far more effective than DIY methods.

By following these simple tips, you can keep ants away from all of your lovely BBQ food this summer.

Destroy The Ants Nests

The closer the ants nest is to your BBQ, the more likely they are going to come running when there’s food. Get rid of any standing water near your home to stop ants having a water source to go to. Check around your garden, especially in piles of wood and where there’s clutter to make sure there aren’t any ants nests around.

Move The Food Inside

Ants will be after the food. So everything that’s not on the grill should be kept inside. Make sure that all of your windows are closed, or invest in a netted food covering to keep the ants out. Ants will also crawl into your drinks too, so make sure you check those before having a slurp.

Stay Neat And Tidy

A crumb to an ant is a feast to a man. Every little bit of food left out will attract ants like nobody’s business. Keep your eyes peeled for any leftover food or drinks left outside and get rid of them immediately to stop ants showing up for a good meal. Have your guests help you with the clean up too.

Call In The Professionals

Using tips can help you go a long way to solving a potential pest problem at your BBQ. But when the problem becomes bad, you need to call in expert pest controllers. You could even call us in before your BBQ to make sure you have the best, pest free conditions for your party. For professional pest control in the London area, get in touch with our team of friendly experts here at Empire Pest Control for a site evaluation of your home or business.