Why Do Summer Insects Come Indoors?

Summer insects are often seen as being outdoors. So it’s very annoying when we find our homes full of these pests. This year in the UK, the summer heatwaves have been a problem for pests. The reason why these summer insects come indoors is because of the heat!

Just like in winter, the high summer temperatures this year have driven insects indoors. Summer insects such as spiders, wasps and flies have all taken up residence in our homes to get away from the scorching sun. Insects have to regulate their own body temperatures. This means they can’t be too hot or too cold. So this summer has really seen a boom in pest infestations in UK households.


summer insect house in london


The high temperatures have boosted the UK insect populations. But more and more of them are coming indoor to get away from the heat. Now we’re going to explore how you can prevent summer insects from invading your home and ruining the end of your summer.


Proofing Your Home Against Summer Insects

We love the summer. But the last thing we want to deal with is ants in the kitchen or spiders in the garage. We want to use this time for family, having outdoor barbecues, or even going on picnics.

These are some great ways of keeping summer insects outside where they belong. Check out these tips on bug proofing your home to keep the summer insects at bay.


Seal Up Cracks And Crevices

The best way to keep summer insects out is to stop them coming in. Pests use so many secret entrances to get into your home that you wouldn’t know about. Looking behind appliances and furniture must be done. Cracks in the wall are the perfect place for summer insects to enter. Remember if you can put a pencil in the hole, the insects can get it.


cracks seal up


Doors and windows can also be a huge problem during the summer. Because of the cold weather in winter, and then the sudden temperature change, your seals may be broken. It’s important to check all of the seals around windows and doors. You should also think about installing a door sweep under the front door to stop summer insects from crawling under it.

Any screens around your home should also be repaired if they have tears in them. If your windows and doors aren’t weather sealed, summer is the perfect time to do it.


Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy

Summer insects will want to enter your home to get away from the heat. They also will come into your home to find food. Securing a great source of food is the most important thing for a pest.

Your carpet holds a lot of things, and the one thing it clings to is crumbs. Small particles of food in the carpet are perfect for pests. This is why it’s important to eat your meals in the kitchen or dining area.

When you throw food away, the smell can still attract summer insects. Keep the lids of your bins sealed tightly to stop this. Food is the main culprit of pest problems, but it isn’t the only reason summer insects will invade. Having a messy home provides pests with a lot of hiding places. Pests, like cockroaches, have been found to be attracted to untidy areas and the smell of paper.


Clean Up The Garden

Your garden is only one step away from your home, and this is where summer insects will lie in wait. Branches and trees will come into contact with your home if you don’t maintain your garden properly. This overgrowth is the perfect way for summer insects to get into your home.


clean up garden


The same goes if you keep mulch or wood chippings around the foundation of your home. Replace these with stones or other non-pest friendly items so that no pest nests could potentially be touching your homes outer walls.


Eradicating Standing Water And Moisture

Most people know that food attracts pests. Another thing they are attracted to is water. And water is just as appealing as food. To a bug, moisture means not only drinking water, but also a place to breed (if you’re a mosquito).


standing water


An important part of eradicating moisture is to clear out your gutters and drains. After winter, they will of course be clogged with leaves and debris. This leads to insects making their nests here, as well as blocking water, so leaves standing water.


Call In The Professionals

Following every pest prevention tip still may not keep you safe from summer insects. No home can be completely bug proof. When your home is under invasion from summer insects, make sure to leave the job to the professionals. We have all the right tools and experience in getting rid of summer pests.