Spring Is Coming, And So Are the Ants!

The warmer weather will soon be setting in. But inevitably with the warmer weather comes the pests! It won’t be long until you start seeing the familiar trails of ants snaking around your garden. Here’s some tips on how to keep your London gardens ant free this spring!

Where There’s One, There’s Many

Ants form colonies, and are very social little creatures. In the natural world, they help the ecosystem massively by recycling soil nutrients, and feeding on dead insects. But that doesn’t mean we want them in our homes or businesses! They can be massively detrimental to your home and business, and cause extensive damage.

Leaving food out will attract ants, who will carry it back to their nest to feed their larvae. The ants will then leave a secretion mark as a pathway, so others will come to the same spot. Before you know it you’re infested with ants!

What Will They Damage?

They may be small, but they’re mighty! Ants can cause extensive damage, and some may even sting or bite you. Ouch!

When an ant goes to form their nest, they may find a cosy home in damaged wood around your property. The weight of the nest could then cause further damage too.

Your food is most at risk though, from ants. Once they get into food, that’s it! They’ll either eat it, or take it back to the nest to feed their young.

So, How Do You Get Rid of Them?

When you see one ant, assume there’s many more to follow. No one’s ever heard of a lonely ant. One ant will go out to scout for food, then return to the colony to fetch reinforcements.

If you have an ant problem, here are some handy tips:

  • Find out how they got into your home, and seal the gap immediately. A quick temporary fix to this is using Vaseline or Plasticine.
  • Find what attracted them inside. Spilled drinks and unsealed food are like a beacon to ant. So get rid of it quick!
  • Once you’ve sealed the entry point, and you’ve cleaned up any food or drinks, you need to treat the area to prevent them returning.

Ant Pest Control

If you’re ant problem persists, you need a professional pest controllers help. You’d rather be safe than sorry with preventative measures, so call Empire Pest Control today for fast, effective treatment.