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House Mouse.

(Mus domesticus)

Pest Description

House Mouse

Mice live alongside people, invading their buildings and eating their food. In both town and country and are a serious threat to public health. They will exploit the smallest of entry points to gain access to shelter, warmth and a regular food source. They can jump, swim and climb, and prefer to move under the cover of darkness. Good housekeeping and up-keep of hygiene standards is essential to discourage such rodent activity.
Adult weight: 15 grams (Average)
Length: The length of the head & body combined is between 60-90mm, the length of the tail is usually longer than head and body being 80-100mm.
Fur, colour: The general colour is brownish grey but Lighter shades occur.
Ears, hearing: Large with some hairs (as per images above). They have outstanding sense of hearing.
Eyes, sight: They have small eyes (as per images). However they have extremely Poor sight and are colourblind.
Snout, smell and taste: Very Pointed snout and have Excellent sense of smell and taste.
Droppings: These can be found Scattered and are Rod shaped, they are aproximately 3-6mm long.
Habit, habitat: Sometimes burrows. Lives indoors and outdoors but is almost unknown in sewers. Nests generally within stored materials but may burrow. They can climbs and are erratic in habit, however Inquisitive towards new objects.
Feeding habits: Nibbles. Prefers cereals. Consumes 3 grams per day. Unlike rats, can survive with very little water and often obtains sufficient water in food without need to drink.
Life cycle: 9-12 months is an average life span.
Sexual maturity: 8-12 weeks to reach sexual maturity and litter size is on average 5-6.
Maximum reproduction rate: A house mouse can produce up to 8 litters per year.

More Details

  • Latin (Mus domesticus)
  • Category Rodents

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