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Grey Squirrel.

(Sciurus carolinensis)

Pest Description

Grey Squirrel

When it comes to treating squirrels almost all pest control companies will find themselves under fire from the public who see these as a harmless little rodent-like creature which should be left alone. Unfortunately squirrels can choose unwelcome nesting locations such as roof spaces, voids and loft areas where they can cause extensive damage to property and create plenty of noise disturbance for property owners/tennants. The different types of treatment options are illustrated below.
Trapping. Baiting. Proofing. These are the methods of squirrel treatment Empire Pest Control can provide, however the success rate and cost effectiveness can vary so its really important you discuss the individual needs for your situation, we find our best results have come from simply baiting areas of activity and proofing entry points with wire mesh, the disadvantages with traps are the costsas the traps need to be checked regularly and no real guarantee to catch multiples.
Here’s just a few illustrations of damage that squirrels can do in properties that reinforce the fact that despite being loved by the public they can be a real annoying and costly pest.
Don’t let any of these happen to your home or property as chewed electrical cables can be the cause of a fire and knawed timbers can weaken the building structure (especially in roofs).

More Details

  • Latin (Sciurus carolinensis)
  • Category Rodents

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