Empire Pest Control South London really understand how upsetting and frustrating it can be to have a South London pest control problem in your home or business. It can also be a hazard to your family’s health, which is why it is so important to contact a specialist for advice and pest control solutions as soon as you realise you have an infestation. We are happy to help with all sizes of pest control from any type of invasion, large or small.


Our reliable teams of pest control South London technicians provide effective pest control solutions and a friendly, helpful service. We specialise in controlling and removing a wide range of unwanted nuisance animals, insects and birds, keeping safety in mind at all times. Our technicians will also advise on pest identification and preventive methods. Because every individual pest situation presents its own particular set of problems, we are committed to tailoring our treatments to fit the particular need of each customer. With this in mind, our pest control technicians are trained to deal with each specific pest problem, and give you a level of service that will solve your problems at affordable rates.

Empire offer a full range of pest control South London services with our local teams operating day or night. As well as pest extermination and removal services, we also carry out proofing to prevent your pest control South London problems from occurring or reoccurring. We handle all types of pest from to bed bugs and cockroaches, to flying or stinging insects, to all kind of rodents like rats, mice and squirrels.

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Whenever pest control is performed, safety, efficiency and effective results are at the top of our list. You can rest assured that not only will we do the job at hand with your family’s well-being in mind, but in a way that allows you to return to daily life in the fastest possible time.

Empire Pest Control make punctuality and a friendly service a priority in all cases. Along with support and delivering desired results, our South London crew will ensure you have the best possible experience with us. Our years in the industry, together with our team’s extensive knowledge, allow us to make use of advanced treatments that will do the job well.

The services we provide are in line with the Health & Safety Act 1974, the COSHH Regulations 1988, the Food and Environmental Act 1985 and Control of Pesticides 1986.

With a wealth of experience carrying out pest control in the South London area and the surrounding counties, our technicians are locally based. This means we are on hand and ready to help. Our services as a company are second to none, with a reputation for giving sound advice and professional action. Empire Ltd offer solid support throughout the process, from the day you make an enquiry to completion of the job.

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Much more than just a nuisance, pests can be detrimental to the health of a property’s occupants. No matter how severe the infestation is, it is likely to cause distress to everyone concerned. We make it our mission to make your pest control experience as smooth and convenient as possible. Unfortunately, in cases of cockroaches, bed bugs, mice, rats, fleas and certain other pests, you may find them notoriously difficult to get rid of. This is where specialist services like those offered by Empire Pest Control Ltd come into their own.

Being one of the most trusted and reliable pest companies in London, we never simply abandon you following treatment. Empire’s South London pest control team offer long-term plans to ensure you remain pest-free. For those investing in a one-time solution, we are always just a phone call away if you ever find yourself experiencing difficulty keeping pests at bay in the future. Contract plans and single treatment options will both be tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that we deliver the most effective solution every time.

So, if you’re experiencing trouble with pests in your commercial or residential property in South London, get in touch today to find out more about our pest control services. Our customer service team will be happy to help.



  • EPC are approved by and a registered member of the British Pest Control Association.
  • Pest services for all Residential and Commercial premises available throughout London.
  • Industry trained fully experienced teams in all London localities.
  • Service contracts for Commercial premises are available on request.
  • Free initial survey and quotation.
  • 24 hour services available at short notice.
  • £5,000,000 Public Liability insurance for your peace of mind.
  • All services carried out under COSHH regulation.

Empire, your local pest control service for London treating, controlling and removing rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps, fleas, ants, squirrels, moths and foxes from your home or business.