Does Your London Garden Have a Fox Problem?

In the UK, there is a huge problem pest fox population, and this effects large cities like London a lot! Your garden is a great place for foxes to shelter from the weather. There’s normally also a great food supply in your garden, from bins and rubbish left outside. Foxes will always prefer an area which is quiet and undisturbed, so they can burrow and mate in peace.

If you know that foxes are entering your garden, DON’T FEED THEM! Feeding a fox will make them stay in the area, and they’ll keep visiting your garden because of it. If you feed any pets outside, make sure you clean up any leftover food immediately. This is a great method for the prevention of other pests too.

Keeping The Foxes Away

You probably don’t want foxes in your garden at all, and have probably been doing your best to keeep them away. So to keep them away, make your garden unattractive…to them! Follow these guidelines, and a fox will think your gardens the ugliest around.

  • Keep any rubbish in your bins. You need to make sure that the bin is covered properly, and that the lid is tightly fitted at all times. Don’t leave any bin bags or plastic bags of rubbish in your garden. They’re far too easy for foxes to rip open and feast on.
  • Make sure you put all of your rubbish out for the bin men on the morning of collection. We all like to be prepared, so many of us leave the bins out the night before. But, foxes are nocturnal, and will love to scavenge for food during the night, not the day.
  • If you have fruit trees, clean up any fallen fruit on a regular basis.
  • Don’t leave food outside that you give to your pets. If you like to feed the wild birds, only use approved bird feeders and make sure you put them high up in the trees.
  • Seal or fill in the holes around your garden (such as in the fences or gates), so that foxes can no longer get in.
  • Keep all sheds, outhouses and garage doors CLOSED. These are great places for foxes to sleep, so you really need to keep the door shut.
  • Secure your fencing around your garden. Make sure that any of the gaps and holes are closed and repaired.