INFOGRAPHIC: Commercial Pest Control Contracts

We get so many questions from clients and visitors about the ins and outs of commercial pest control contracts. We wanted to put those down in print so as many people as possible can access the information. Following the popularity of our business contract protocols post, we decided to make an infographic on the subject for ease of viewing and sharing. There are 10 questions answered on the infographic, and 10 more down the page.


Commercial Pest Control Protocols

  1. What is the procedure of the visit by one of your pest controllers? Once we schedule in an appointment, we send out one of our experienced and certified technicians to your property to assess the pest problem.
  2. What equipment will you use in my commercial property? For your safety and for those around you, we only use products that have been provided and approved by UK pest control suppliers, alongside fully trained technicians.
  3. What pests can you treat in commercial properties? You can see the full list of pests we treat on our website, but we specialise in bed bugs, rodents, fleas, flies and ants. We also offer heat treatments.
  4. How soon can you treat my commercial property? We are open 24 hours a day for your convenience, so you can call us anytime with questions or to call us out to property.
  5. What can a pest controller do for me? We inspect your property and evaluate any damages and the size of the infestation. Afterwards, the technician will treat your property and provide tips on pest prevention.


Pest Control Contracts Procedures

  1. Do I need a pest control contract? Empire Pest Control offers commercial pest control contracts for any size business, so that whenever you have a pest control problem it is covered by us as part of the agreement.
  2. How do I prevent pests from entering my property? It’s hard to completely pest proof your entire property. However, book in an appointment with one of our technicians and we will help you to pest-proof your commercial building.
  3. Will I need more than one treatment? Depending on what pest you have, more than one treatment may be necessary. Certain pests like rats need to be targeted a few times to fully eliminate them.
  4. Do you do same day treatments? Yes, Empire offer emergency pest control so that we can be at your property to treat it whenever you need us. We’re also very discreet when we come to do treatments.
  5. How do I book in an appointment with you? Whenever you need Empire for pest control services, simply call us on the number provided, or for less urgent situations you can also email us.

We hope you find this info useful. Whether you just need some info, of are considering a commercial pest control contract in London with Empire.