The Most Costly Pest Infestations

We all hate pests, no matter what shape or size. They spread germs, and some are just downright icky! More than anything though, having pests in your London home can be costly.

Pests cost millions for UK households and businesses, and absorb a pretty penny every year. Below is a list of the most common ones.

  • Bed bugs – Without a doubt, having a bed bug infestation is the worst possible you could ever have. They treat you as their own personal human buffet, and getting rid of them is no mean feat! Bed bugs reproduce really quickly. So in the right circumstances, you could have a really big problem in your hands in just over a week. Not only can you get bed bugs in your home, the hospitality industry also spends millions each year trying to stop bed bugs from spreading through hotels.
  • Cockroaches – A very common pest infestation like cockroaches will infest any home in almost every country in the world because of how adaptable they are to different environments. They can survive under some of the most extreme circumstances, which makes them super difficult to get rid of.
  • Rodents – Possibly the most expensive pest on the list, rodents cost UK residents thousands each year to clean up the damage they do. Rodents love to chew on wiring, and will literally eat through your entire home if you don’t put a stop to them. They also carry multiple diseases that are incredibly dangerous to us.

What To Do About Your Pest Infestation

Thinking about pests may make your skin crawl, but the added cost that comes with them may make you run away screaming. The best solution to pest control is prevention. Regularly check your London home for signs of an infestation, ensuring all entry points are sealed off. It’s always best to know the signs of common pests in the UK. Once you make your home unattractive to a pest, they will move on to somewhere more suitable for their needs.


You can always count on us as professional pest controllers to look at your pest control situation and recommend the right treatments to get rid of the pests. We try to make sure the cost is kept as low as possible, so you don’t have much damage to your home, your health or your wallet!