How To Avoid Food Poisoning With Better Pest Control

Food poisoning is a horrible thing to experience, and can potentially be very dangerous. Pests such as cockroaches can carry the bacteria that make you ill. Be vigilant and effective pest control measures need to be put in place in your kitchen at home, and at work.

One of the main causes of food poisoning is contaminated equipment and preparation areas. Even just a small bit of bacteria on a work surface can multiply quickly. This leave you, your family or your customers incredibly ill. Cross-contamination can happen at any time, and it will spread between food, surfaces, chopping boards, utensils, equipment and even taps. If pests get into your water supply, your water then can become contaminated too, therefore increasing the risk of food poisoning.

The four common food poisoning microorganisms are salmonella, campylobacter, E.coli and norovirus. All of these bacteria’s can be carried by pests such as rodents and cockroaches.

How To Prevent Food Poisoning

  • Clean all surfaces thoroughly – You may not know you have a pest infestation before it’s too late. So cleaning your work surfaces thoroughly is a great place to start. Use an antibacterial spray or solution, and wipe down all the surfaces of the kitchen where food is prepared. If you notice any spillages or dropped food, clean these up immediately. It will be very attractive to pests if left.
  • Clean the food prep areas – Regularly mopping and sweeping the floors is essential in the fight against pests. This will make sure no food is left over for them to feast on. Also, cleaning behind the fridge and the oven is also important in food preparation areas. A lot of grease can build up in unseen places, so you need to have a great cleaning routine in place.
  • Clean the cleaning materials – This may seem strange, but you need to keep your cleaning materials clean. Cloths, sponges and mops when left damp and dirty is a great place for pests and bacteria to multiply. If you have a restaurant, you should definitely dispose of any cloths used after one use, to prevent any sort of cross-contamination.

Hire a great pest controller

At Empire Pest Control, we have a great range of contracts to suit your commercial or residential needs. This will make sure no pest will be able to spread food poisoning to you, your family or your customers again.