Keeping Your London Home And Business Cockroach Free

They creep into our London homes and businesses uninvited. Scurrying across work surfaces, contaminating food and anything else they come into contact with. Cockroaches are one of the most disgusting and persistent pests on the planet. They’ve survived for millions of years, and can make your life miserable. Luckily, Empire Pest Control can help you with a London cockroach infestation.

Protecting Your Home From Cockroaches

When you want to remain free and clear of cockroaches, and all other pests for that matter, prevention is the key. Once a cockroach finds it’s way into your property, it’s very hard to exterminate them and control their breeding. They can hide in the tiniest of cracks around your home. When night comes, they appear and scavenge for food, leaving their germs behind them as they go.

You can do a lot of prevention to keep cockroaches out of your London home or business. Even though you can do things to help, it’s important to know you can rely on Empire to help you when an infestation has gotten out of hand.

  • Seal off their hiding places Cockroaches like to hide in dark recesses around your property. Have a good look around any cracks or crevices, then use a sealant to block off any potential cockroach hiding places.
  • Remove the food source – Keeping your home and business clean by picking up any leftover food and disposing of your rubbish properly makes sure that cockroaches have no food source. Wipe down all of your food prep areas too, and make sure all of your appliances are clean.
  • Create a barrier – Cockroaches obviously enter your building from the outside, so you may want to target outside first. Use a sealant to stop up any holes that may be in your foundation. You may also want to clean up any clutter in your garden so that cockroaches have nowhere to hide outside.

Using Professional Pest Control

Don’t live with cockroaches in your personal space. Call Empire Pest Control for a full site inspection. Cockroach infestations can rapidly get out of hand without the help of a professional pest controller. We can identify where the cockroaches are entering your property, and then treat and prevent cockroach infestations in the long term.