What Will You Be Hunting: Easter Eggs Or Pest Eggs?

Easter is popping its happy little head round the corner, and the air is filling with the smell of chocolate and spring! But what if a chocolate egg isn’t the only type of eggs you see this Easter?

Signs of insect eggs around your London home could mean that you have a serious pest infestation on your hands. Being able to correctly identify a pests egg can help you manage your pest infestation properly, but if you are unsure you should always call in a pest professional, such as ourselves, to help you.

Types Of Eggs

  • Bed bug eggs – This pest can lay between 200 and 500 eggs over a 2 month period. In the right environment, it could be even more. Once all of those eggs hatch you will have a huge problem on your hands. The eggs of the bed bug are a pearly white colour, and are normally in clusters.
  • Cockroach eggs – There is a wide variety of different eggs a cockroach can lay because there are so many species of them.
  • Flea eggs – Much like cockroaches, the eggs of the flea can differ between species. The most common type of flea in the UK is the ones we find on our pets. Flea eggs are incredibly hard to spot, and have a white/transparent colour to them.
  • Spider eggs – A spider will lay its eggs inside a silk woven sack, and is usually hidden well out of the way.
  • Fly eggs – Flies lay eggs wherever they can land, and lay huge batches at a time. They love to lay their eggs on a host specimen, like rotting food.
  • Pigeon eggs – In London, pigeons thrive! They harvest our food scraps and the urban environment is great for them. The pigeon egg is normally a solid white colour, and comes in 2’s or 3’s.

Signs of pest eggs around your home or business usually means you have an infestation to deal with. To save you time and money, it’s best to have a pest management plan in place, and to also try to prevent pests entering your home in the first place.

When you go on your Easter egg hunt this year, why not go on a pest egg hunt too, just to check your house doesn’t have any signs of an impending pest problem?