How To Get Rid Of Woodlice In The Garden

Many people refer to woodlice as the lobsters of the insect world. And much like lobsters, they need damp conditions to survive. Oddly enough, there are loads of different species of woodlice around the UK. So a woodlouse you encounter on the coast may not be the same type as one you find in the city.

Woodlice can make themselves at home and become pest when they have humidity and damp conditions to live in. Which makes your garden the perfect place for them to live. Generally woodlice are beneficial to the garden because they are the cleaners. They cultivate plants, overturn the soil and get rid of any debris around your garden such as leaves. However, if you have too many of them, they can become a nuisance very quickly.

Here are some ways to minimise the chances of having woodlice in your garden.

  • Move them to the compost heap – Compost heaps are warm and full of moisture, so are the perfect environment for woodlice. Move them onto the heap and they will help you with your compost too.
  • Eliminate water sources – Over-watering your plants should be avoided and get rid of any standing water that will attract woodlice.
  • Move the mulch – Mulch should be kept away from the garden, especially the seedlings.
  • Make a trap – You can make homemade traps for woodlice in your garden and then leave them around the infested areas of your garden.
  • Tidy up – Remove any rotting wood, rocks, bricks, compost, weeds, mulch, leaves and fall fruit from around your garden. Make it very undesirable to woodlice.
  • Get some pest control – Professional pest controllers like Empire Ltd can help you handle a woodlice problem without damaging the rest of your garden and plants.

We hope that our quick guide on woodlice prevention will help you to keep your garden pest free and your plants uneaten and beautiful as ever. If you want any further information or have any questions on pest control, or identifying pests, give us a call. We’re happy to give you any advice or assistance you need.