Business Pest Control Protocols

Having pests in your commercial property is stressful enough, without the hundreds of questions that pop into your head at the same time. There seems to be so many things to consider and laws that pest companies need to follow, and we know it can be confusing. We’ve put together a summary of some of the aspects of business pest control procedures and protocols because we know how important knowledge is.

. How does a commercial contract differ from residential services?

Commercial pest control contracts are different from residential services. This is mainly because business pest services are carried out on a regular basis. In a domestic setting, the process is often a one off incident. When we handle pest control problems on business properties, the proprietor usually likes to know we are on hand at regular intervals to keep the premises clear on an ongoing basis. It’s important that a business does good pest control to protect reputation and profits.


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. What legal guidelines should business pest control companies follow?

– COSHH Regulations 2002

– Control of Pesticides 1986

– Health & Safety Act 1974

– The Food & Environmental Act 1985

All of the above legislations are part of our commercial conduct protocols. A professional pest control company must make sure all COSHH Regulations 2002 are followed so that all pest control treatments are safe. Control of Pesticides must also be adhered to for the safe use of chemicals for pest control. In some businesses, the Food & Environmental Act 1985 is especially relevant and should be complied with at all times.


. Why are individually tailored pest services so important?

Every location, type of property and pest control problem is different. This means that we have to individually tailor each business pest control treatment to meet the specific needs of the situation .The way we would structure a contract for a hospital would be very different from a catering company. which would vastly differ again from, say, a factory or warehouse. We assess each scenario and put in place a regime that considers staff, customers, building structure, size and layout. And, of course, the type of services the premises delivers. If all pest control treatments were the same, they wouldn’t always fully eradicate the problem and pest problems would reoccur. There are an infinite range of permutations. And each situation has its own specific sensitive areas to consider.


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. Why do pest companies do commercial site surveys and why?

Thorough site inspections and surveys allow Empire to get a full overview of the site and its unique needs. It assesses the scope of the contract required. And determines the more appropriate treatment that should be used to eradicate a pest problem on a specific commercial site. It helps our pest controllers to ascertain the type and frequency of the contract the company will need.


. Are risk assessments carried out on premises?

As part of the COSHH Regulations 2002 we have to carry out a thorough risk assessment on a commercial premises before and after a pest control treatment. This protects you and your business in a range of ways. is to determine what risks that could be involved to people working in the building. As well as risk to customers, and things like food, commercial stock and equipment.


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. How do Empire use reporting systems and recording visits?

Empire uses a reporting system for our business pest control which records each service visit. This gives details of pest infestation findings, a record of advice and recommendations given, treatments carried out and which pesticides were used. It is useful to be able to look back at each pest control treatment. It also gives the client as much information as possible.


. What are specific issues for restaurants & food companies?

Restaurants and food companies have specific guidelines by law they have to follow. Particularly under the Food & Environmental Act 1985. Certain chemicals can’t be used for particular business pest control. That is because food is being stored, prepared or served on those premises. However, a professional pest control company knows what can and can’t be done legally and safely. It also deems pest control contracts necessary for all restaurants and food companies because of the health risks.


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. What safe options are appropriate for sensitive situations?

We have pest control products available that are tamper proof, and place them in such a way that children and  animals can’t get to them. There are also always new and safer chemicals becoming available for pest control. This includes green and environmentally friendly options because they are more gentle. More natural methods are being been developed all the time. Empire keep abreast of all the latest developments and technology to bring commercial clients the safest and most effective methods against pests.


. Are there special protocols for medical & childcare premises?

Places such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools and nurseries have to have regular pest control visits. Pest control in these places is restricted on what chemicals and treatments can be used because of safety issues. We have to follow special protocols. And pest controllers like Empire are trained in these protocols.


. What about commercial Management or Letting Agents?

For property management companies and letting agents, pest control should be a priority. Landlords and agents have a legal obligation to keep tenants safe and in an environment that is healthy. We provide specialist contracts for agencies. We advise on pest management, provide treatments, and assess maintenance issues that need to be dealt with to pest proof properties.