The Pest Solution For UK Flea Infestations

When people first own a pet and they become itchy, many times that person may think they’re allergic to the animals. Other times, noticing small red bumps on your pets skin and seeing them scratch a lot can be mistaken for dry skin or allergies. But unfortunately, most of the time, special foods and lotions won’t solve the problem. Because the problem you could be dealing with is fleas.

Once your pet has bought fleas into your home, they can spread to the carpet, furniture, your garden and your other pets too.

A bit about fleas:

Fleas don’t fly as many people think they do. They have really strong back legs which allows them to jump from one host to another. Once a person is bitten by a flea, they can become sensitive to flea saliva. This can lead to the mistake that you’re allergic to the pet rather than the fleas.

Adult fleas can live for a long period of time on your pet. Whilst they are living on your pet, they will be feeding off them and also laying a lot of eggs. These eggs then fall off your pets fur and into your bedding, sofas and carpeting. Wherever the pet spends a lot of time is the places you will find a flea problem.

To begin getting rid of a pest infestation, you need to get your pet treated professionally by a vet. This is the first step in getting rid of a UK flea infestation. Any pest control treatments you use around your home needs to be safe for use around pets. For London based pest control that is safe for animals, get in touch with us here at Empire Pest Control for a tailored London flea control service.

Getting the areas of your home treated professionally by an expert pest controller will completely eradicate your flea problem. The best thing to do to prevent fleas in the first place is to keep your home tidy, and keep a regular vacuuming routine. Remember that you need to treat your entire home and your garden for fleas. A flea infestation will reoccur if you don’t treat your garden as well as your home. The same goes for not treating your pets bedding or your soft furnishings. It’s much better to get it all at once!