Reasons Why Mice Love Your Office

You know when you were younger and you used to go to a play centre? Well that’s what your office space looks like for mice.
An office is an ideal shelter for a mouse. It can shield them from horrible weather, and therefore hides them from predators outside. Mice love food too, and all those lunch time leftovers will look like an all you can eat buffet to them.

What Harm Can A Mouse Do To Your Office

  • Poop! – Mouse droppings spread really nasty bacteria and diseases. And they will literally poo anywhere, including your keyboard and phone. Ew!
  • And urine – Of course mice urinate as well. It’s there way of leaving messages behind for their friends…we’ll call it weemail! Urine can easily be mixed in with the dust in your office, and inhaled, allowing airborne diseases to spread.
  • Chewed cables – Mice constantly gnaw at things to test them out, to eat them or to make a path. This will include the countless number of wires you have around your office. From your keyboard to the phone to the internet, all could be wiped out, just because a mouse decides to have wires for lunch.
  • Fire hazards – With the risk of chewed cables comes the risk of fire too. Chewed wires will short circuit, and catch alight in a matter of seconds. Exposed wires are also more prone to contact with water as well – never a good combination.
  • Loss of work – If mice chew through your power cables and your computer goes out, all of your hard work could be lost.

Prevent Mice From Visiting Your Office

Some quick and easy mouse prevention steps are listed below. These are handy, because they can be done yourself, or, if you prefer, with the help of pest control professionals in your area.

  1. Do the dishes;
  2. Empty the bins;
  3. Don’t eat at your desk, allocate a lunch room/area;
  4. Store food properly, in airtight containers and also in the fridge.

If you have taken some steps towards mouse control in your London office but are still finding mice to be a problem, get in touch with us today. We have rat and mice control services designed to help you manage any pest problem your business may have.