Rodent Repellents That Will And Won’t Work

Have you ever used DIY pest control methods to get rid of mice or rats in your London home? Did they work? There are a lot of myths surrounding which DIY rodent repellents are successful, and which aren’t, when it comes to ridding your home of rodents. But do you know which ones work and which ones don’t?

  • Mothballs – Don’t work. Mothballs contain naphthalene, which is harmful to other pests, so why not rodents? It’s only a small dosage of the substance found on mothballs, so for mice they’re not really a problem. Even if the mouse or rat was bothered by the smell, they would just move their nest somewhere else in your house.
  • Peppermint oil – It makes your house smell nice, so that’s a plus. But it won’t rid you of a rodent infestation. Peppermint is super strong in high concentrations, so it could be unbearable to a rodent. But rodents live in some of the smelliest places in the world, so I think they can probably put up with a bit of peppermint oil. Also, the physics of scent means the smell would rise anyway. Rodents stay close to the ground, making peppermint oil super ineffective.
  • Ultrasonic devices – These devices will keep rodents away for a short period of time, but they won’t be effective for long. Because they rely on a plug socket to work, it’s hard to move it around your home to focus it where there is mouse activity. A rodent will simply avoid the area where the sound waves are coming from, or adapts to the noise in a few short days.

Prevention Tips For Mice And Rats

The best course of treatment for any kind of pest is to prevent them from infesting your home in the first place. Here are some top prevention tips to use around your home.

  • Repair any holes and damages to your home. This will make sure any rodents cannot gain easy entry into your home. Mice can fit through gaps the size of a pencil, so it’s best to fill any cracks in that you can see.
  • Fill in cracks and crevices with sealant. If the hole is too big to seal, try filling it with steel wool, which rodents can’t chew through.
  • Keep your home clean. Giving it a good clean will help it be less attractive to rodents.