Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus
With Deep Cleaning Sanitation


London is now regarded as the epicentre of the UK’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic – one third of infections originate from the capital. During this time, many London based businesses have closed, but many are unable to do this. Some of these businesses and properties include:

  • Retirement and care homes – Because older people are particularly vulnerable to the Coronavirus, sanitisation helps to minimise the danger to residents.
  • Flats and apartment buildings – Flats and apartment buildings have communal areas such as foyers and lifts which can be cleaned. Individual flats can be treated as well.
  • Office buildings and work places
  • Schools, colleges and nurseries – Some schools are still open for the children of key workers, while some offices need to continue with work on site.  Our sanitisation treatment will help to protect employees, customers, visitors and young people against the Coronavirus infection.
  • Takeaways and hotels – In the food and hospitality industry, sanitisation protects guests and can also be used as a tool to keep trading safe.
  • Healthcare and public buildings – In healthcare situations, sanitisation is vital to protect high traffic public areas such as corridors, waiting areas, toilets and lifts.

Empire Pest Control is now offering Coronavirus
COVID-19 anti-viral sanitisation, Deep Cleaning services

Unfortunately, hand washing and social distancing are not always enough to stop Coronavirus. In order to truly protect your domestic property or commercial business premises you need to create a sanitised environment. Only this can protect you 100% from the Coronavirus Covid-19 infection.

If you own or operate one of the above listed properties you can greatly benefit from this service.
We can help to protect your employees and customers against infection and create a completely safe working environment. Our service sanitises all surfaces, plus those usually missed by ordinary cleaning.

Remember, this virus is able to live on hard surfaces for a period of time. On soft surfaces, such as clothing, it is not yet known how long the virus can survive. Due to these facts, it is exceptionally important that you engage in professional sanitisation.

What can be sanitised by Empire Pest Control COVID-19 treatment?
Floors * Desktops * Tables * Chairs * Door knobs and drawer handles * Light switches and buttons * Toilets including sinks, taps and soap dispensers * Vending machines * Telephones including mouthpieces * Computers including keyboards, mice and screens * Signs and framed items * Soft furnishings * Basically anything that is inside of the area will be sanitised.

How does our Coronavirus sanitisation service work?

  • Our qualified technicians use ULV fogging machines.
  • These are filled with industrial grade disinfectant which kills 99% of bacteria, viruses and spores
  • This disinfectant has been tested on and is effective against almost ALL viruses, bacteria and yeast including all strains of Coronavirus, MRSA, Ecoli and HIV.
  • It’s also non-toxic, safe and odourless.
  • When turned on, the fogging machines generate a mist which penetrates even the hardest to reach places that are often missed by regular cleaning.
  • This mist clings to any surface and when dry creates an invisible film.
  • This invisible film forms a reactive barrier which protects you between cleans.
  • The process is quick and simple and nothing is left behind.
  • It can be done in only a few hours with the minimum of disruption.
  • Very little preparation is required before cleaning, and even valuable items such as high tech equipment can be disinfected.

While doing sanitation, our technicians wear head to toe personal protective equipment (PPE) plus full face respiratory masks and overalls. They also use state of the art methodology and comply with all health and safety requirements. What’s more, only one technician is needed for this job.

Our technicians will work hand in hand with your cleaning teams, support their efforts, and provide the maximum possible protection against COVID-19. The sanitisation process is suitable even in places where the highest standards of disinfection are needed. It can be used in healthcare, food processing environments and all other workplaces.

How can Coronavirus COVID-19 sanitisation benefit you?

Sanitisation helps to protect sick, vulnerable and older people, and also the very young. If you own or operate an apartment building it will minimise the danger to your residents. Not only that, deep cleaning helps to guard your employees against infection, and prevent your business from having to shut down due to illness.

Our service will also make your business safer for customers and visitors, and prevent the drama of an outbreak. What’s more, if you run a takeaway or hotel, sanitisation can be used as a tool to keep trade flowing. With Coronavirus sanitisation, you can protect high traffic public areas from this virus.

Contact us now to learn more or book your deep cleaning sanitisation service.

The Coronavirus situation is deadly serious. Not all London based businesses and facilities enjoy the luxury of having employees work from home. Our anti-virus sanitisation can enhance your own cleaning efforts and increase your chances of avoiding infection.

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