Benefits Of Fumigation For A Moth Problem

Moths can cause a whole lot of damage in a very short amount of time. Not only will they eat holes in your favourite clothes, they can also attack your furniture and soft furnishings too. Not only will they cause destruction, but they produce a whole lot of dust that is horrible to have to clean. This is why, when you discover you have a moth control problem, you need to get it treated immediately.

Moths are notoriously difficult to control. And while simply moth proofing your home is good, it can be limiting in its effectiveness. They are fantastic at hiding, and will lay their eggs in hard to reach places. This is why fumigation is such a great way of ridding yourself of a moth problem. Ideally you should consider choosing fumigation for your moth issue.

Here are some reasons why :

  • Fumigation will get into those hard to reach places, which many other methods of moth control may not reach. It will be able to work its way through your home, furniture, under the carpets, into wall voids and up into your loft space too. It will also be able to permeate any of your soft furnishings, and destroy any moths or eggs hiding inside. Because moths are so great at hiding, fumigation is one of the best solutions for them.
  • Fumigation is quick. A lot quicker than many other pest control methods. Some pests can only be controlled with bait or direct contact with a pest product. So that’s why fumigation may be the best way to go if you have moths. Using baits and sprays can take time, and require several return visits to make sure the problem is completely eradicated. Fumigation will have you moth free overnight.
  • Fumigation can kill moths at all stages of life. That way, you won’t have to worry about any eggs or larvae being missed, and the infestation reoccurring again in a few months’ time.
  • If you have sensitive furnishings, fumigation is a great solution to a moth problem as the gases used won’t leave any residue. They simply disappear once the job is done.

If you are dealing with a moth problem in your London home and you want to know more about fumigation, get in touch with us today. Our experts are on hand 24/7 to help you find the best solution to the problem.