Clothes Moth Prevention For Your Wardrobe

With the warmer weather here, the grievance that comes with it is clothes moths. Humid, warm conditions are the best for moths, which is why this time of year they tend to be more common. Moth prevention is very important to keep your good clothes from being destroyed.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the most effective clothes moth prevention methods. Remember that your cashmere, silk and cotton is all at risk from a moth attack. So make sure to carry out timely moth prevention and protect them properly.


clothes moth prevention


Clothes Moth Prevention Step By Step

  1. Deep clean your wardrobe.
    Moths love undisturbed corners that are warm and dark. Do some clothes moth prevention by removing everything from your wardrobe ready for a deep clean. Vacuum all of the corners and drawers and wipe all of the surfaces to kill off the larvae. Then wash or dry clean all of your clothes. This not only acts as moth prevention, it kills off any moth eggs that may be lurking there. Freeze some of your more delicate items if you can fit it onto the freezer shelves. Sub-zero temperatures kill moths quickly. Just make sure to put your clothes in a plastic bag before you put it in the freezer.
  2. Keep your clothes clean.
    Moths love nothing more than to feast on the clothes that have human sweat and food particles on them. Putting dirty clothes in your newly cleaned wardrobe is not good clothes moth prevention. Clean everything before you put it back. This is particularly important for knitwear.


clothes on washing line


  1. Store your delicate items in garment bags.
    Now that we’re heading towards summer, the winter clothes can go into storage. Any of your clothing that is made of a delicate material such as knitwear or silk should be places in a garment bag. You can also line these with anti-moth paper strips, as well as your drawers and closet.
  2. Be wary of vintage.
    Vintage clothes are lovely. But they are also a common source of clothes moth infestations. Before you put any vintage clothes in your wardrobe, make sure to dry clean them beforehand.
  3. Get some cedar wood hangers.
    Moths absolutely hate cedar wood. Plus the hangers will keep your clothes neat too. If you tend to dry clean a lot of clothes, take the plastic off before you hang the garments in your wardrobe. The plastic attracts dust, which in turn attracts the moths. The dark-coloured cedar wood contains natural oils that will kill clothes moth larvae. Using this along won’t prevent moths, but used with other methods will. You can replenish the scent on the hangers every so often using cedar oil.


cedar wood hangers


  1. Give your clothes a good shake.
    Once a month, take your clothes that have been stored and give them a good shake. Shaking will help to dislodge any moths lurking there. Not only should you shake your clothes, but your rugs too. If you have rugs made out of animal hide or wool, moths will love them. Taking these outside and giving them a good whack will dislodge any moths hiding in there. You should also move heavy items of furniture if they are on a rug every month and hoover underneath. Remember moths love dark and undisturbed places, so under large furniture is the perfect place.
  2. Have a good clear out.
    The piles of unwanted and old jumpers and unfashionable coats has to go. Not only are they useless, the pile will be the perfect breeding ground for clothes moths. Storing knitwear is especially dangerous for a clothes moth infestation. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it and prevent clothes moths at the same time.
  3. Use some lavender.
    Lavender is a fantastic plant that repels clothes moths. It’s a really old homemaker’s trick that has been used for years. Sachets filled with lavender ,or that contain some lavender oil, can then be hung in your closet or drawers to protect your clothes. They also leave a lovely smell behind. Lavender won’t kill any moths or their larvae, so make sure the space is free of them first.


lavender for clothes moth prevention


  1. Be vigilant around your clothing.
    Keeping a keen eye on your clothes is great moth prevention. Also check for holes in your clothes. Keep your rooms well ventilated as well. You can also purchase moth cassettes as a precautionary measure, and keep them hanging on the rail in your wardrobe.
  2. Turn to moth treatment such as fumigation.
    The most effective moth control method if you do have an infestation is to use fumigation. It permeates everything, gets everywhere and leaves you moth free. Empire offer moth fumigation Give us a call today for more information on how to prevent moths.