4 Worst Pest Dangers To Pets

There are many creatures out there that pose a huge pest dangers to pets, that you may not even realise. Pets are most at risk of being harmed by pests because they are curious, and don’t know that pests can be unsafe.

With the warmer weather coming, you want to spend time outdoors with your pets. And of course, they enjoy running in the grass and exploring shrubs and trees. You need to be aware that the warmer weather brings harmful pests with it. Professional pest control is important for us and for the pets in our lives too. So here we are going to look at the pests that are the most harmful for our pets.



Fleas are a parasitic pest that suck the blood of our pets. They can also bite us. Flea pest control is really important if you have pets in your home. You need to treat them every month to avoid having serious problems with flea infestations.


fleas cause pet problems


There are several different types of fleas, so nearly all pets can be affected by them. These species can include dog fleas, cat fleas and rabbit fleas. And all of these fleas can and will bite your pets as well as you.

If your pet seems to be scratching a lot, and has tiny dark specks in its fur, it could mean they have fleas. You also maybe be able to see the bites. Pets suffer from itchiness from these bites, and may even have an allergic reaction.

If you’re noticing signs of fleas in your home, there’s a few things you can do. Treating and cleaning your pet, their bedding and home is the only way you’re going to get rid of fleas. Remember that fleas can get into your mattress if your pet sleeps on your bed. Fleas can survive for months without a host, so even if you think they are completely gone an infestation can reoccur. When you have done a treatment and the fleas still appear to be lurking, you need to call in a professional pest controller immediately to eradicate the problem.



Our cats and dogs love to chase things, so it makes them especially susceptible to rodents because they will run after them. If the rodent turns around and decides to bite your pet, these bites can transmit dangerous diseases which sometimes can be fatal. So rats and mice pose a serious pest dangers to pets.


a london mouse waiting outdoors


Not only can rodents bite your pets, they can also contaminate their food and water with their urine and faeces. If you leave your pets bowls out, you should stop doing this immediately. Having their feeding bowls and water left out all day not only attracts rodents, but if they contaminate it with their germs, your pet can become very ill.

Rodents always have tell-tale signs when they’re around. The most common signs of a rodent problem are droppings, scratching noises and noticing that walls and furniture have been chewed. There are several prevention methods you can take to stop rodents from invading your home and harming your pet. One of the most effective ones is to seal the openings around your home, and lay any traps and baits well away from your pets.



Whenever a wasp feels threatened they will sting. And this is true if one of your pets goes for them too. Dogs are particularly sensitive to wasp stings because the venom contained in them can potentially cause kidney problems.


wasps are harmful to pets in london


One sting won’t normally be too bad for your pet, but if they have been stung multiple times or have swallowed a wasp, you need to get them to the vet urgently. If they’ve only been stung once, keep a close eye on your pet. This is because they, like humans, can suffer allergic reactions. If you’ve found a wasps nest in your home or garden you need to call in the professionals to remove it, and not try to do it yourself.



Every pet owner has come across ticks at least once. They are horrible to see on your pet. They are a pest dangers to pets because they dig their teeth in and suck blood out of the bite. If you have spotted a tick on your cat or dog you need to remove it immediately, but carefully. If you don’t have the proper tool to do this, take your pet the vet and they will be able to do it for you.


a tick can harm pets


Ticks carry dangerous diseases, and these diseases can be transmitted to the host as soon as thy are bitten. So if your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, you need to check them regularly for any sort of parasite attaching themselves to their skin. To keep your pets safe in your garden, keep everything trimmed back and the grass mown. When taking your pet out for walks, try to avoid long grass and wooded areas. Eespecially in the warmer months when ticks are more common.

There are many more pests that are harmful to your pets, and it’s important to protect them as much as possible. You can always give Empire Pest Control a call if you need more advice on preventing pests in your home or business.