2018 Spring Cleaning Tips For Pests

Spring is a great time for rebirth and renewal, and is always a good season to make a fresh start. For most of us, this starts off with the chores around the house that we’ve put off all winter. Spring cleaning is dreaded by most, but it’s a brilliant opportunity to tidy up your home, take an inventory of your belongings and get rid of all the unnecessary clutter with our spring cleaning tips for pests.

As you clean your home, it’s also an opportunity to do a spot of pest control too. Pay attention to potential problems areas, perhaps where you’ve had a pest problem before, and prevent pests from infesting your home this Spring. It’s a great feeling to know that your home is immaculately clean and tidy. But it’s even better knowing that it’s also free of any sort of pest problems.

Here we want to share with you some pest prevention tips that can help you this Spring as you make your way around doing a spot of cleaning. We’ll start with the 5 best practices for preventing pests on your property.


Eliminate Clutter

The more stuff you have in your home, the greater the chance is for pests to be able to hide. This is especially true in areas like the garage or the loft. Staying organised can help keep pests at bay and by getting rid of unnecessary items means your home will be a nicer environment to be in for you ( but not for pests).



Sweeping inside your home is also a great way to find out where there may be a pest problem lurking. When it comes to pest prevention, having less clutter in your home means it will be a lot easier in the long run to control pests.


Seal Cracks And Crevices

During your spring cleaning, be on the lookout for where pests might have the opportunity to enter your home. Your house is filled with food, water and shelter, the three things pests need to survive and want to seek out. Keep them out by sealing any cracks along the weather stripping on your windows and doors. You can also cover non-essential vents or openings on the sides of your home, and repair holes in the walls or faulty plumbing.


Store Food Properly

You may put your best efforts into proper food storage, but storing food in cardboard boxes or loose jars isn’t going to cut it. When storing food, opt for the sealable plastic containers. Dry food like pet biscuits, grains, rice or seeds are an open invitation for pests to contaminate.


food storage


When you’re cleaning out your pantry and cupboards for spring, take a careful look at your food supplies. Check it for signs of pest damage or spoilage. This is a great time to get rid of that bag of flour that’s been sitting in the back of the cupboard for years. It also makes sure your family’s meals aren’t contaminated by pests, thus keeping you all healthy and fighting fit.


Spring Cleaning The Bedroom

Some areas of your bedroom don’t get visited very often, such as the back of the cupboard or under the bed. These are ideal places for pests such as bed bugs or moths to nest. During your cleaning, make sure to leave no stone unturned. Finding egg sacs, webs or holes in your sheets are indicators that a pest problem may be present.

Dust and clean every inch of your bedroom. Now may be the time to invest in some proper storage such as plastic totes or containers that are perfect for keeping the pests out. Move your dressers, inspect the drawers and make sure everywhere is thoroughly clean before going to the next room.


cleaning materials pest control


Remove Standing Water

Most pests, from mosquitoes to cockroaches, want to invade your home in search of moisture. Luckily moisture spots around the home are easily prevented and eradicated.

Wipe down your kitchen countertops and bathroom sinks after they have been used. This is where water tends to pool, so get rid of this water as soon as possible. Insects such as spiders, silverfish and ants can find their way into your home through the plumbing. You need to ensure any leaky taps or pipes are fixed so that water can’t collect and attract pests.

Remember that the dark and cold areas of your home are where pests will want to be. So, if there’s a water source there, they will love it even more. Check your cellars and attics for any signs of water, and also eliminate standing rain water from your garden. You can also purchase a humidifier to get rid of moisture around your home.


Get Busy!

We hope that you find all of these tips of great value as we head into spring. While using these tips will help you a great deal against pests, they will not help you to eliminate a problem that already exists. Make sure to contact Empire Pest Control to help with any pre-existing infestations present in your home.