Why Are Wasps So Aggressive?

We have all had encounters with wasps.  Most of the time these pests will leave us alone, but sometimes they become aggressive towards humans.  They can chase you and sting you and seemingly won’t leave you alone until you get to safety.  The dangers of wasps are high because of the number of times that they can sting.  A common question we get asked is this: why are wasps so aggressive towards people?

Today we are going to answer that question, along with some facts about things like how many times can wasps sting.


Wasps Nest Protection

People’s behaviour and choices tend to be the reason that wasps become so aggressive, whether they realise it or not.  Wasps are very protective of their nests, and when a human gets too close to their abode, they feel triggered to protect the nest.  You can walk right up near a wasp nest unwittingly, and get attacked.


do not panic around wasps


Wasps are not able to tell whether or not you mean harm to their nests. They just sense movement and strike.

Another reason for wasps to lash out and attack is our own instinct to protect ourselves.  Wasps are known as pests, and as such we want to get rid of them.  We swat them and try to squish them, and otherwise try to attack them.  These insects aren’t stupid.  They will lash out to defend themselves.

It may be surprising to hear, but wasps are just like humans.  They work hard at their daily tasks, such as building a nest.  Also just like with humans, they are more likely to be agitated when they are tired.  This can also be an answer to why are wasps so aggressive with humans.


How Many Times Can Wasps Sting?

Bees are only able to sting once and then they die.  Wasps are different.  These pests can sting as many times as they want.  Instead of flying away having stung once, wasps continue to attack until they feel that they have successfully defended their wasps’ nest.


why are wasps so aggressive


Most people will attempt to swat away or kill wasps when they try to sting.  If you attempt to do this, it is a big mistake.  Wasps are like many other insects.  When they feel threatened, they emit a chemical.  This chemical signals the other wasps in the nest that they are in trouble.  The nest will then send out a defensive team to attack you.

A wasp nest can hold up to 10,000 wasps.  An attack party may contain any number of those wasps, potentially including the whole colony.

Sometimes people can develop serious allergic reactions to wasp stings after having been stung only once.  But the more times that a wasp stings someone, the more likely it is a person will have a reaction.

Combined, wasps and bees are one of the most deadly animals in the UK and around the world.


Treating Wasps Nests

Some wasp experts recommend having an expert come out to remove the nest.  They then transport the nest elsewhere.  This is a good course of action. However, it must be done right.  If even a few of these pests linger, you can have a serious problem.

Treating wasp nests is most effective when environmentally friendly chemicals are deployed.  These chemicals will kill the wasps without harming other creatures.  Pest companies know that you want your pets and family to be safe.


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Hiring a professional in order to treat wasps on your property is the safest way to go.  The dangers of wasps means it is an extremely bad idea to try and remove a nest of these pests by yourself.  Without training, removing a wasps nest can expose you to potential harm.  This is especially true if you do not know whether or not you are allergic to their stings.

Now that you have the answer to our original question concerning why are wasps so aggressive and the dangers they pose, you know why it is important to treat a wasp problem immediately.  If you ever find yourself with a wasp problem, schedule an appointment with Empire to start getting rid of wasps professionally and expertly.  You will be doing you and your family a huge favour by making your property safe again.