How To Kill Roaches Fast With Empire

Roaches are one of the most problematic and unhygienic pests. They scurry around in an unnerving, stressful way, and can cause a whole host of problems.  Knowing how to kill roaches fast will help you eliminate your problem before it gets too bad.  In this post we are going to cover the basics of why killing roaches fast is important and what professionals do for quick killing roach control.


Why Are Roaches A Problem?

Cockroaches can cause a wide variety of problems for humans.  Let’s examine some of the problems you can prevent with professional cockroach control.


how to kill roaches fast


Disease is a something that many pests spread.  Cockroaches are among the worst of those pests.  Urinary tract infections, digestive problems, asthma, allergies and other conditions can all be caused or worsened by cockroaches.

Roaches will also cause your food to become contaminated.  During cockroach infestations the risk of salmonella increases.  Salmonella also can result in food poisoning.  The last thing you want is for your family to be at risk of cockroaches and to be poisoned by these pests.


Remove Roach Attractants

As well as finding out how to kill roaches fast, it helps to know what attracted them in the first place. There are a number of things that will attract roaches to your home.  Remove these attractants before you start treatment.  Then keep it up while you continue with your maintenance regime and that will make it less likely the pests will want to return. This will be the most effective roach control measure after the problem has been removed.

Nothing attracts roaches more than food.  They will feed off all the tidbits that we leave behind.  Whether that is food on the counter, crumbs on the ground, or dirty dishes in the sink.  Hoovering and cleaning up regularly will help to remove these lures.  Sealing any food you want to keep in seal tight containers will help you to keep them from detecting your food. Make sure to clean any surfaces that a cockroach has come into contact with, using strong anti-bacterial cleanser.


food attracts roaches


Roaches are also attracted to moisture, like many other pests.  Wet floors or bathmats will give them a place to get water.  Moist places are also often hidden away, giving them a place to hide.

Roaches will enter your home through any hole that they can get access to.  Blocking up any entryways into your home is important in keeping all types of pest away.  Make sure that any gaps, cracks, or crevices are sealed with caulk.  Weather stripping should be full and complete.


Professional Roach Control

There are a selection of professional roach control methods.  Some of them provide quick killing roach control and others might take more time to take effect.  Here are some of the fastest ways to kill roaches.

Insecticide is probably the most effective roach control available.  It is fast acting and can kill roaches in a minute or less.  Using a targeted spray, a professional can eliminate them without having to bathe your whole house in chemicals.  If you can spray the nest, the problem will be removed even quicker.

Roaches love moisture but they have one surprising weakness: soapy water.  Spraying a layer of soapy water over roaches will kill them by plugging their pores.  Soapy water is a clean, chemical free alternative that some experts use for getting rid of your cockroach problem.




Getting professional help can mean getting rid of your cockroach problem fast.  Professional exterminators use multiple methods of getting rid of roaches.  We are also experienced in finding the exact passage cockroaches are using to enter your house, and where their hiding places and breeding zones are.  If you want the problem removed fast, using Empire’s services will be your best route.  Knowing how to kill roaches fast means we offer extremely effective control for these pests.


Techniques and methods

Adhesive based traps are another way to capture roaches.  Most cockroach species move quickly and catching them can be hard.  With an adhesive based trap, they will find themselves stuck.  Once they are stuck the traps are safely removed.

Another technique for how to kill roaches fast is using a concentrated liquid onto a surface, killing any roaches that come into contact with that surface.  That includes applying these chemicals to cracks or crevices.  After these chemicals have been used as effective roach control, it will further deter them for up to two weeks. Professional liquid concentrate is still the most effective of its kind.

Once your treatment regime is complete, you should be able to live roach free. But only as long as you maintain an environment that isn’t friendly to them, and doesn’t provide the access, food and water sources they are seeking out.