Where Do Mice Live In A House?

Mice are one of the most common pests in the UK, so we want you to know where mice nest, and where do mice live in your house. You also need to know: where do mice come from in a house.

Here we are going to look at: where do mice live? Mice live in rural and urban environments, and thrive almost everywhere. So if they can live almost everywhere, why do they choose to infest our homes? Finding mice in the house can cause a whole host of problems. And mice will be in your home because of the food and shelter it provides.


Where do mice live in a house and nest?

In your home, there is a constant supply of food that has a great variety of morsels, for any type of mousey palate. They won’t have to travel far to get a bite to eat, and this is perfect for these very habitual creatures.


where do mice live


Your house can also prove the perfect shelter for a mouse to build its nest. When the nights get longer and colder, mice want to escape the harsh UK weather by migrating indoors and cuddling up in our homes. Your home provides lots of spots for a mouse to live. So, where do mice live exactly? They could be living in your loft, in your walls or even under your floorboards.

Where do mice live outside? Different types of mice live in different places. The house mouse would rather live in a building, but can burrow into the ground to make their nests too. Field mice live just where their name suggests – in fields. But more and more mice are giving up their outdoor lifestyles to live indoors with us. They gravitate to where it’s warmer and safer for them to be.


How Are Mice Entering Your Home?

Now we know the answer to the question where do mice live, we need to know how they entered in the first place. Mice can get into your home in a number of ways. Normal day to day wear and tear happens to our homes every day, and this deterioration is the perfect entry point for mice. Once even just one mouse enters your property, it can be a huge problem because they breed so quickly. Let’s take a look at the different places around your home that a mouse might invade. And look at how they gain access to them.


a mouse living in a house garden


  • Loft – Mice can get into your loft through pipes, vents, cracks in your roofing and your walls. In fact, most mice gain access to UK homes through the loft, as it’s normally the most forgotten about place in the home. It’s a great place for mice to live, with plenty of nesting materials and a readily available food source.
  • Chimney – Mice are some of the best climbers around, and they will navigate their way down your chimney in no time at all.
  • Doors – Damaged and badly fitted doors provide an easy access point for a mouse. Even the tiniest gap under your door could be the perfect entry point for a mouse infestation.
  • Windows – The same with doors, if windows are badly fitted or damaged, mice will use them to get into your home.
  • Roof – Rooves often fall into disrepair without us noticing, providing the perfect entry point for mice. Having damaged roof tiles and loose bricks makes cracks in your roof that mice can easily squeeze through.
  • Garage – Having mice in your garage is a major problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. Mice gain easy access through open garage doors and cracks and crevices in the structure. If you keep your car in the garage, mice can even infest the engine and interior and cause a whole lot of damage.


How To Keep Mice Out Of The House

The best method of mouse control is preventing the problem in the first place. You can do easy mouse proofing around your home without having to spend too much money. Remember that you want to get rid of mice as quickly as possible, because of the dangers mice cause. Here are our top tips on mice prevention that you can use around your UK home.


mice eating corn in a house


  • Remove food sources – Mice need food constantly to survive, which is one of the main reasons they may infest your home. Removing any food sources around your home will make an infestation far less likely to happen. Simply cleaning away crumbs and keeping on top of the housework will go a long way to preventing mice.
  • Block any access points – Take a look around your home for any damage. Pay particular attention to doors, windows, lofts and roofs. You can get any repairs done that need doing. Then your home is much less likely to become susceptible to mice.
  • Empty your bins – Never let your bins overflow and make sure that they all have tightly fitting lids. This goes along with the removal of food sources, because mice will be able to find plenty to eat in your bin.
  • Clean regularly – Keeping a great cleaning routine in your home means that the clean surfaces and lack of food sources won’t attract pests.

If you are experiencing problems with an infestation of mice, call us in for effective pest control.