Rat Prevention – Our Top Expert Tricks And Tips

In this post we’re going to be looking at the A-Z of tricks you can use to keep rats out of your home and how to do rat prevention in general.

Rat pest control and rat prevention go hand in hand. Prevention also tends to be a lot easier than having to hire a rat exterminator when you already have an infestation.


Getting rid of rats with these tricks

Rats are incredibly destructive. They bring diseases with them wherever they go, and should be kept out of our homes by all means possible. A rat’s teeth never stop growing, and they have to gnaw on lots of different materials to keep them down. If you are finding holes and bite marks in your furniture or in different areas of your home, you can be sure there’s a rat lurking about nearby.


image of a rodent rat prevention


Another reason you don’t want rats in your home is because they can breed at an alarming rate. So just having one rat in your home can turn into a million rats in as little as 18 months. That number of rats in one place could completely destroy a home.

Like most pests, rats can carry multiple diseases which can then be transmitted to us. Remember that rats were the cause of the plague. Even coming into contact with their urine can cause serious illnesses, so rat prevention is crucial.

So now you know how devastating it can be to have rats in your home, you will know why you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. We’re here to give you the essential pest control tips so that your house because a fortress against any sort of rat infestation. Read on to find out the A-Z guide on how to prevent rats in your UK home.


Keep Your Home And Garden Tidy

A sure fire way of keeping rats away from your home is to keep your house and garden as neat and tidy as possible. Overgrown shrubs, trees and clutter in your garden provides a perfect shelter for rats. And it’s only a short jump from your garden into your home.


garden maintenance to prevent rats


Not only will clutter provide shelter, but it can also provide nesting materials and gather standing water that rats will love. Keep any tree branches away from the ground and away from your roof. This makes sure that rats don’t use them as a climbing frame to get into your home. You should also keep on top of all housework and make sure your house is cleaned regularly.


Seal All Entry Points

This next rat prevention tip can be a personal DIY challenge. Have a walk around your house with a notepad. Note any possible entry points that a rat or any other pest for that matter could enter through. Remember that pests only need the tiniest gaps and cracks to get into your home.

Cracks and crevices in your walls, doors and windows need to be repaired and sealed up to prevent rats from getting into your home. This is a great household habit you can get into, and repeat every month to make sure your home doesn’t fall into disrepair. It’s a much cheaper alternative than having to exterminate a full blown rat infestation further down the line.


Rat Traps

One of the most common traps you can get for rats is using sticky paper. It’s a trap that a lot of UK homeowners use to determine whether they have a rat in their home or not. You can use these traps anywhere around your home, and leave them out overnight. In the morning, you might find that there are a few rodents stuck to the paper. This will be a sure sign that there is a rat problem in your home.

Then we have the baited rat trap or baiting station. These are handy little contraptions that, if used correctly, can be effective in preventing an outright infestation. You can easily lure a rat out of their hiding place by using something tasty. All that’s left for you to do is check on them daily and make sure you dispose of the rats and their droppings once you’ve caught them.


Food Storage

Another handy household habit you should be practicing is storing all of your food in the correct way. Rats will be very attracted to any available food sources, including the smell and crumbs left over from food. Prevent rats by reserving all of you food in the right conditions to keep them away.


food storage to stop rats


You should get into the habit of cleaning up any spillages that happen. And look to emptying your bins on a daily basis. All of these things are a great food source for a rat, so they must be dealt with to prevent rats coming into your home.


Rat Deterrents

These gadgets have been catching a lot of flak for not being very effective, but everything is worth a try once! These devices emit a high-frequency noise that acts as a pest repellent.

All you have to do with these devices is plug your device. The sound waves will do the rest of the work.