Do Moths Bite People Or Cause Allergies?

None of us are very keen on moths. They are unpleasant, creepy and pretty persistent when it comes to a rapidly growing infestation. If they’re getting out of control in your London home, you need to do moth control pretty sharpish. They’re definitely a pest you want to prevent.


Do Moths Bite People?

One of these questions you might have about moths in your home is, do moths bite. Do we need to do moth treatment because moths bite people, or because their larvae want to chew our clothes and our pantry foods.

And here’s the answer. Domestic moths found in our homes have absolutely no interest in or even ability to bite people. In fact, out of all of the moth species, most moths have no mouth parts at all, or have atrophied or very basic mouths that cannot bite or chew. The larvae are the ones that munch on our clothing. Most species of adult moths don’t need to eat or drink. However, they are known to cause allergies that could be mistaken for bites.


do moths bite people


Allergies Moths Cause

Do moths bite us? No. But if they don’t bite us, then how do they cause allergic reactions? It’s all about the wings! A moth’s wings are plastered in tiny scales. These scales fall off, just like we shed skin. When these dusty particles are disturbed, or come into contact with other objects, they become airborne. This is what triggers the allergens and causes a reaction.

If you think you’re having a reaction to moths in your home, you will notice a variety of symptoms. These symptoms include swelling, small red bumps, itchiness and a rash on your skin that looks like a series of little bites (remember that they’re not though – unless another pest has been nibbling on you, which you ought to check).

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How Do Moths Get Into Your Home?

Many types of moth can quite easily enter our homes through open windows and doors. Our house lights confuse their internal GPS, so they make their way into our homes instead of flying towards the moon.

Clothes and carpet moths behave differently than regular moths though, and being attracted to dark corners, may come in as eggs on any kind of fabric or upholstery. Once this kind of moth is in your home, you probably won’t see them much in the day light. Usually, you will find them lurking in the darkest areas of your home. And of course, wardrobes, closets and anywhere else you store clothes are going to be their most favoured hotspots.


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How To Get Rid Of Moths In Your Home

So now you’ve determined that moths aren’t going to bite you. And if you aren’t allergic to them then they seem pretty harmless, right? Wrong. Moths can do a lot of damage to any sort of natural textiles and soft furnishings in your home, without you even noticing until it’s too late. Even if the adult moths don’t exactly have active jaws, the larvae mouth parts are lethal when it comes to your clothes!

We want to give you a short list on what you can do around your home to get rid of moths. And of course prevent moths from doing any damage to your property.

  • Now we’re in winter, it’s pretty easy to keep our windows and doors closed. If you want to have a window open, draw the curtains so it acts as a shield against any light that may attract moths into your home.
  • Keep up a great cleaning routine. Vacuuming and decluttering your home goes a long way in not only preventing moths but a whole host of other pests too. Vacuuming also removes any moth eggs that may be ready to hatch in your carpets (remember to move furniture and vacuum under their too).
  • Store your textiles properly. Sealed bags and boxes are the right way to store any clothes or textiles for a long period of time. You don’t want moths to gain access to them. So, make sure you seal them up properly to avoid moth damage.
  • Clean your clothes before you store them. If you put any textiles away that are soiled, they are a huge attraction for moths. Always clean your textiles and clothes before you put them into storage to stop moths having a nibble.

Have you been noticing any holes or damage to your clothing. Empire have lots of effective moth fumigation solutions to treat your infestation and get rid of moth problems effectively and quickly. We use methods that even keeps the most delicate of fabrics safe, so you don’t need to worry about damage and chemical residue after any moth control treatments.