Food Pests And The Problems They Cause

Pest infestations are distressing for anyone who is suffering from them. And food pests one of the main infestations you should be really concerned about, because of the problems they can cause. Here we’re going to look at some common food pests, from food that attracts mice to moth pest control. We’ll even throw in some fly control to keep those food pests out of your home.


Food Pests 101

Remember that food doesn’t need to consist of a three course meal. Just some crumbs under the table, grease down the back of the over and a loaf of bread in the pantry could make a splendid meal for a pest.

Sharing your food with pests is definitely not an option for anybody. Most of the time we don’t want to share our food with other people, let alone pests! Get ready for the ways that common pest infestations of all shapes and sizes can affect our food, causing waste and ruin, and what you can do to stop them.



Pantry Moths

Believe it or not there is actually a moth called a pantry moth. So obviously this is the moth which is most likely to infest your home for food. Despite these moths being a food pest, they don’t actually want to eat any of the food. They are attracted to the food because they want to lay their eggs on it. When these eggs hatch, the larvae then have plenty of food to eat until they grow up to the pupae stage.

A pantry moths favourite food in your home will be thinks like bread, cereal, flour and pasta. You can tell if there’s moths around because they leave a sort of silk webbing on any food they touch. Moth infested food then becomes inedible, and you will have to throw it away.

To prevent pantry moths from destroying and wasting your food, you need to make sure it’s stored properly. Avoid leaving cereals in an open box and put them in sealed plastic containers. You should also eliminate moisture from around your kitchen because this is the perfect breeding ground for moths.



Rodents will eat anything they can get their little paws on. Anything that is in your fridge, your cupboards, your pantry – even your bin – is at risk of being nibbled on by a rodent. They don’t discriminate, and are super dirty. Any rodent that eats some of your food will leave behind bacteria, faeces, fur and saliva. That’s not something you want to be eating (it causes food poisoning).


rodents on food


The one big attraction for rodents in a home is food that is easily accessible. Leaving baked goods out on the side (we know it’s tempting because the smell is delicious) is not a good idea if you have a rodent control problem.

Make sure you are cleaning and wiping down any food preparation surfaces and cleaning up crumbs after food has been eaten. Without food lying around rodents will be less likely to be attracted into your home.


Food Flies

Flies love fresh produce, and drinks like wine, beer and liquor. Basically anything that contains ripened fruit is a big attraction for flies. It doesn’t take much to attract a fly problem into your home.


fly food pest on fruit


Flies also lay eggs on food the same as moths so their offspring have something to feed on when they hatch. Any food that has a moist film on it, a fly can lay eggs on. And we’re talking up to 500 eggs at a time. You don’t want flies anywhere near your food because you don’t know where they’ve been. The bacteria that they carry is not something you want to be ingesting.

Keep your fresh fruit and veg in your fridge in the vegetable drawer. When it starts to get overripe, you should throw it away into a sealed bin that flies can’t access.


Kitchen Ants

Ants are a plague for a lot of homeowners, especially in the summer. Ants are so crafty, they get into our kitchens really easily and often seem to appear from nowhere. They want to come into our homes specifically looking for food to take back to the colony. And they leave scent trails behind for their cohorts to follow. So if they do find a good food source, you can be sure that ant will be bringing his buddies back later.


ant food pest crawling


Crumbs, leftovers and cluttered countertops are an ants dream. They don’t particularly ruin our food, but it’s probably not something you want to be eating if ants have been crawling on it. Keeping a great kitchen cleaning routine will go a long way in preventing ants.

Pests can ruin our food, and you want to keep them out of your home. Following these preventative tips and calling in one of our experienced exterminators will help to keep your food safe.