Why Cockroaches Pose A Threat To Your Family’s Safety

Having cockroaches in your home can pose a huge health and safety threat to you and your family. Everyone is repulsed by cockroaches. They are filthy, grimy and are just generally icky. There’s no denying that cockroaches completely gross us out, but that doesn’t mean they can threaten our family’s safety, does it? Do cockroaches really pose a threat to our health?

In short, yes, they do. Cockroaches are a real concern to have in your home and around your family because of the diseases they carry. They are absolutely riddled with bacteria, and can spread this around your home and transmit it to your family. As well as their potential for disease and illness, having cockroaches in your home can also trigger allergies and asthma.

Below, we’re showing you a few ways cockroaches can pose a threat to your family’s health.

Cockroaches Spread Bacteria

Think about what cockroaches eat and where they go. Not a nice thought. All of the bacteria picked up from the dirty places they like to frequent gets onto their bodies. Then they enter your home, and leave a trail of bacteria behind them. Cockroaches Spread Bacteria like E.Coli And Salmonella

Cockroaches contaminate food or spread their bacteria on surfaces when they come into contact with them. At the moment, cockroaches are known to carry over 30 diseases that can cause severe health problems to humans. These include E.coli and Salmonella. The tell tale signs of these diseases are stomach cramping and abdominal pain, followed by diarrhoea and vomiting. In young children, this is especially dangerous.

It’s not completely uncommon for very young children and people with lower immune systems to have to be hospitalised due to one of these diseases. In some cases, they’ve even been known to be fatal.

Asthma Attacks And Allergic Reactions

When cockroaches leave their saliva and droppings behind, it can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions very quickly. The same as dust mites, cockroach allergens can affect your family when they get into the air and then we breathe them in.

People who live in cities and urban areas like London are more likely to be affected by a cockroach infestation. If you live in London and are experiencing a pest control problem, try calling in Empire Ltd in to help.