Using Pheromones To Stop Stored Product Pests

Stored product pests can do a lot of damage to businesses that work with food processing. Bakeries, breweries and retail food stores are all at risk from a stored product pest infestation.

Pests such as beetles, moths, weevil and rodents can easily infest and spoil stored food. This means that production can be halted, and having a pest infestation also damages the brand name, bringing negative customer feedback. If a health inspector comes to look at the business, having pests on the property will cause it to fail and it may even be closed down.

Product pests spread fast…

One pest control service for managing the spread of product pests is using mating disruption. Scientists have been working on creating these pheromones. One that is particularly popular and super effective is the pheromone traps used for moths.

So how does mating disruption work? An artificial pheromone is produced and put where there are the most pests. These pheromones distract the male pests, creating false trails so that they can’t find their mates. Because of this, mating doesn’t occur and the population of pests drops significantly.

What are pheromones?

Pests such as moths communicate through pheromones. The female leave their trails so that the males can find them. By disrupting the pheromones, the males chase the false trails instead. This uses up a lot of energy, and most males will die before they successfully find the females to mate with. Disrupting the pests in this way has a huge impact on their ability to reproduce and mate with one another.

Pheromone products do occur naturally, but using them in this way makes them a registered pesticide. But they have been certified for use with organic food  because there is no danger of the food absorbing the pheromones.

If you want to know more about using pheromones and moth fumigation, and want a pest controller who delivers exceptional results, give us a call today.