Keep Your Kitchen Pest Free This Spring

Have you come across a pest infestation in your kitchen? Spring and summer is the time when pests want to invade your home the most – not to mention having a feast on your food!

Many pests enjoy breeding more in the warm weather, which is why they’re more active in the warmer months.

Some common kitchen pests are listed below.

  • Cockroaches – Seeing a cockroach in your home is gross enough, but seeing one in your kitchen is enough to make you not want to cook in there for a month! Cockroaches are riddled with bacteria and can spread illnesses quickly.
  • Rodents – Rodents also carry lots of harmful bacteria and diseases. They can also chew through wires and cause a serious fire risk in your London home.
  • Flies – Once pest flies have got the whiff of something they’d like to eat, they will make it a target to reach it, no matter what stands in their path. They can get into your home through the tiniest cracks and holes. Not much will deter them from their food.
  • Ants – Food stored in pantries and cupboards are a heaven for pests such as ants. They also love to nibble on old pet food.

Prevention Tips

  • Keep your kitchen clean, wiping up any spills and sweeping away any crumbs.
  • Store all of your food in airtight containers and empty the rubbish regularly.
  • If you like to keep fresh fruit out, check it often for signs of decay and over-ripening. A fly can lay over 500 eggs on the surface of rotting fruit, so it’s best to get rid of it straight into an outdoor bin to prevent the eggs from hatching inside your home.
  • Any outdoor bins must never be overfilled and should have a properly fitting, sealed lid.
  • Wash your dirty dishes as soon as possible.
  • Don’t leave your pets food and water bowls sitting out for long periods of time. Once they’ve finished, clear it away.
  • Eliminate moisture sites around your kitchen, including leaking taps and pipes.
  • Check your kitchen for any signs of damage, and seal off any holes you may find with an appropriate filler.

If you think you have a pest infestation in your London kitchen, give us a call today. We specialise in London pest control, and have many years’ experience exterminating any type of house pests.