Pest Control London; Like Honey to a Bee

When it comes to pest control, London is up there with the busiest cities in the world, so it makes sense that this is an issue that needs to be dealt with on a regular basis. The sheer volume of people – whether locals, tourists or commuters – that visit the city daily, 365 days a year ensure that the pests we deign to keep out of our lives can survive, one way or another.

Up there with New York and Tokyo, London is a hive of activity around the clock. The nations’ capital is steeped in history across all boroughs from Westminster through to Victoria, from Barnet and Archway through to Essex and the neighbouring Home Counties; which merely adds to the appeal for travellers and workers around the world.

A huge shopping and retail destination, there are restaurants and takeaways on every street. You will find food and drink wherever you care to look; there are hundreds of thousands of jobs available in a broad range of industries and sectors, and the latest news from TFL will see London creep ever closer to 24-hour living.

The downside to the vast amounts of people and a massive quantity of food and drink waste is that there will always be a significant number of pests attracted to it, like honey to a bee. This means that pest control in London is an ongoing issue that will always need tackling.

The Pests of London

Although nuisance pests can be found in every city and town across the UK (and the world), in London the large concentration of people in relatively small areas highlights the pests that are present.

If you are visiting for the day or living there permanently, you are most likely to come across the following pests in London.

l Rats and mice

l Bed bugs

l Foxes

l Pigeons

l Fleas

l Ants

How to Handle Pest Control, London

While some pests can be controlled easily with home remedies – such as stopping slugs eating your flowers with egg shells or salt, there are others that are much harder to eradicate from your home or business.

For instance, if you suspect you have a problem with rodents, bed bugs or flies then it is recommended that you consult with professional pest control. London is a city that is crammed full of people that are always on the move, so dealing with a pest problem from the root cause – rather than from the visible signs, is essential to stop the problem from spiralling out of control.

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